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Arn Anderson Suggests Cody Should Face Warhorse

Arn Anderson

On Monday night’s video Road to Fight For The Fallen, it looked at Cody Rhodes‘ run as TNT Champion and his high profile match-ups as well as the unknown challengers who have faced him in his open challenges. In the interview, Cody mentioned that his challengers are scouted by AEW owner Tony Khan and his manager, former Four Horseman Arn Anderson.

While it focused on his upcoming match against AEW star Sonny Kiss, a reported asked Cody if there was anyone on the independents he was looking at as a potential future challenger. Before Cody could even answer, Arn tapped Cody’s shoulder and replied simply, “Try this one on. How about that Warhorse kid?”

Warhorse is one of the most popular stars in the US indies in 2020, approaching 300 days as the IWTV Independent Wrestling Champion, who has been challenging Cody daily almost since the open challenge was first announced. Warhorse’s challenge has been amplified by his legions of fans around the world, making Warhorse one of the most popular candidates amongst US indie fans, with the hashtag #CodyFearsWarhorse trending at various points.

Is Arn teasing the fans or is he being serious? It seems the popular indie star’s presence is something that both Arn Anderson and Cody Rhodes are aware of, and now that Arn has mentioned his name, it will only increase Warhorse’s pressure to get into not only an AEW ring, but inside Cody’s head, until the match finally happens.

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