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Preview: SPW Queenstown WrestleFest (3/14/20)

SPW Queenstown WrestleFest

Southern Pro Wrestling NZ (SPW) returns to the adventure capital of the world for Queenstown WrestleFest. Here, their annual event will take place this Saturday. Recently, it was announced that SPW and Impact Pro Wrestling (IPW) would partner up. Said news makes this show year’s installment of Queenstown WrestleFest the biggest and rowdiest yet.

SPW Queenstown WrestleFest
Photo / Southern Pro Wrestling

‘Cool Guy’ Sky vs ‘The Alphalete’ Charlie Roberts

Two of the biggest egos in all of New Zealand come head to head this weekend at Queenstown WrestleFest. With both men coming off embarrassing defeats at Fight For Gold in February, they will both be looking to get things back on track. Given the big egos walking into this one, don’t expect either man to go down easy. These two could very easily destroy each other just to have their hand raised.

SPW Queenstown WrestleFest
Photo / Southern Pro Wrestling

SPW New Zealand Tag Team Championship: Will Power & ?? (c) vs CTRL (Jake Shehaan & Jay Carnage)

After their successful title defence at Fight For Gold, we all witnessed a baffling interaction between the champions Will Power and Hammer. Following the match, Hammer handed Power his half the championship. Hammer proceeded to walk out. What could this all mean?

There is yet to be any further clarification from either Power or Hammer. However, what we do know is the tag team titles will be defended on Saturday at Queenstown WrestleFest. For Power, this means he will have to face the ominous CTRL alone. That is unless he can find a replacement partner for the evening.

In CTRL’s eyes, this could be the greatest opportunity they’ve ever had to finally succeed in their mission and take control of SPW. In order to do so the leader of CTRL, Jake Shehaan will be teaming up with the monster Jay Carnage as they attempt to finally capture the SPW Tag Team Titles.

SPW Queenstown WrestleFest
Photo / Southern Pro Wrestling

Wana Fight vs Corey Cutter

Back in February, Wana Fight finally recaptured his fighting spirit. This was done with a huge victory over Charlie Roberts for the SPW Fight For Gold Briefcase. With his confidence now restored, and a guaranteed title shot in his future, Fight is ready to take on all challenges. First up for Fight will be a member of the devious NEW Detention, Corey Cutter.

Since evolving into the new version of Detention, with Corey Cutter, as a member the group, Cutter has not been performing up to the expectations of their leader, Professor Palmer. This weekend, at Queenstown WrestleFest, Palmer will be absent from the event. It will be down to Cutter, under the guidance of Ryder, to finally live up the expectations of Palmer.

Photo / Southern Pro Wrestling

IPW New Zealand Championship: Jamie Tagataese (c) vs ‘Human Hate Machine’ T-Rex

With the exciting new partnership between SPW and IPW now being made, formal fans in Queenstown are set to see something special. For the first time ever, the IPW New Zealand Championship will be defended on an SPW show!

The undefeated IPW Champion ‘Big Man’ Jamie Tagataese will battle it out against SPW’s resident powerhouse T-Rex. There is certainly no love lost between these two men. They went nose to nose at Halloween Haunting last year. Now they finally get to lay hands on each other.

Given this will be unfamiliar territory for Tagataese. could he finally endure his first defeat?

Photo / Southern Pro Wrestling

Jack J. Bonza vs ‘Hooligan’ Marcus Kool

On Saturday, New Zealand’s best will take on perhaps the most underrated man in all of Australian wrestling.

Jack J. Bonza is a powerhouse and a master technician. During his career, Bonza has held the PWA Heavyweight Championship, the Newcastle Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Championship, and the PWA Tag Team Championship. Bonza also competed in two King Of Trios tournaments for Chikara. This weekend, Bonza will make his SPW debut as he looks to prove that ‘The Hooligan’ Marcus Kool is not as unstoppable as he proclaims to be.

For Kool, this is home ground. Queenstown has played host to some of Kool’s biggest opportunities and toughest challenges. This weekend is set to be no different. Whilst Kool has previously ventured over to Bonza’s home territory, the two men have yet to cross paths inside the squared circle. Perhaps to Bonza’s advantage, Kool faced off against fellow member of The Nations, Mick Moretti, who could pass along some inside knowledge and scouting reports to Bonza.

Nevertheless, expect this match to be one for the ages.

Photo / Southern Pro Wrestling

SPW New Zealand Championship: ‘Shooter’ Shane Sinclair (c) vs Falcon Kid vs Liam Fury

After managing to weasel his way out of Fight For Gold with his championship reign intact, thanks to the help of the debuting Sabrina, Shane Sinclair is in for an even tougher challenge on Saturday. Rather than just one opponent this weekend, Sinclair will be forced to combat two challengers. In order to retain his title this time around, Sinclair will have to face Falcon Kid and the returning Liam Fury.

In the past, Falcon Kid and Liam Fury were known collectively as the CruiserMates. This weekend, it will be every man for himself. For Falcon Kid, this will be yet another opportunity at the SPW New Zealand Championship after he was robbed last month. For Fury, though, this opportunity comes after months away from SPW. During this time, he trained at the Fale Dojo to better himself.

Are the odds finally stacked too heavily against Sinclair? Can the CruiserMates put friendship aside as they battle for the richest prize in New Zealand?

Stay tuned to the Last Word on Pro Wrestling for more on this and other stories from around the world of wrestling, as they develop. You can always count on LWOPW to be on top of the major news in the wrestling world, as well as to provide you with analysis, previews, videos, interviews, and editorials on the wrestling world. SPW can be seen through SPW On Demand or Powerslam TV.


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