Top 10 Joshi Matches Of The Month (December 2019)

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The Joshi wrestling scene (Japanese Women’s Wrestling) is a deep scene full of insanely talented performers and every month there are dozens of fantastic matches from promotions from Stardom to Pure-J and everywhere in between.

Important Note (Due to some matches not airing as of the time of writing some presumably great matches can’t be ranked)

Leon vs Rina Yamashita


A clash of style’s here as Leon and her athleticism took on one of the hardest hitters in the scene Rina Yamashita.  It did start to drag a little before reaching the finish but this was exactly as good as these two were capable of

Hanako Nakamori vs Moeka Haruhi


Hanako Nakamori is one of the hidden gems of the joshi scene.  She once again delivered here in the main event as she played her role as the dominant champion to perfection.  At times these two were on a different wavelength which took it down a notch but Nakamori was as good as ever and kept this one at a good level.

Suzu Suzuki, Ibuki Hoshi & Maya Yukihi vs Maika Ozaki, Tsukasa Fujimoto & Tsukushi


This served as a great warm up for Ribbonmania where these six would be paired off into two title matches.  A really fun trios match that gave us a glimpse at the fantastic matches to come between these competitors.

Link To Watch (Ice Ribbon Nico Channel)

Sakura Hirota vs Mei Suruga

Hirota and Suruga are fast becoming mainstays on our list.  Hitora’s comedy stuff is always great but matches like this where her opponent can play off it are really great.  An engrossing match between two strong characters that played off Hirota’s established formula really well.

Link To Watch (Sendai Girls YouTube)

Kagetsu vs Mayu Iwatani


This is a match that has caught a lot of hype within some circles.  This one was a really good match between two performers that know each other inside and out.  They threw everything in their arsenal at each other and even had some finisher kickouts down the stretch as these two went to war.

Link To Watch (Stardom World)

Syuri & Rina Shingaki vs AKINO & Sonoko Kato


MISSION K4 remain one of the highlights of Oz Academy for this writer.  The hard-hitting no-nonsense tag team always hold up their end of the equation and beat up their opponents.  If there is anyone in Joshi that is up to the task of combating AKINO and Koto it’s Syuri and she gave them a real fight here.

Hibiki, Takumi Iroha & Dash Chisako vs Asuka, Chiyako Nagashima & Mikoto Shindo


Given the people involved it’s no surprise that this was one of the best matches of the month.  ASUKA, DASH, and Takumi are all among the best performers on the scene and Shindo and Hibiki are always impressive.  The interactions between ASUKA and Takumi helped to take this one up a bit as they look to be building to something.

Mayu Iwatani & Arisa Hoshiki vs Kagetsu & AZM

Weekly Wonder World Of Stardom

Hazuki’s retirement tour gave us this fantastic tag match.  Notably impressive was the portion where Arisa decided to kill Hazuki with strikes.  Mayu and Kagetsu got to build to their upcoming title match as they had some excellent exchanges.  A really fun tag team match that showed off the talents of everyone involved.

Link To Watch (Stardom World)

Chihiro Hashimoto, Ayame Sasamura & Yuu vs Sareee, Hiroyo Matsumoto & Dash Chisako

Another match that was exactly what you could expect considering the talent involved.  Chihiro and Hiroyo had impressive exchanges, as did DASH and Yuu and of course every time Sareee got in there with either Dash or Chihiro was fire.  We always praise Sendai Girls main events as they consistently deliver and this one was no different.

Link To Watch (Sendai Girls YouTube)

Suzu Suzuki & Ibuki Hoshi vs Tsukasa Fujimoto & Tsukushi


These two teams have been battling for the better part of two months in various matches.  At Ice Ribbon’s biggest show of the year, they went out there and delivered the best match we got to see in December.  Tsukushi, in particular, was on a mission for murder and Tsukasa Fujimoto was her usual consistently great self, Suzuki and Hoshi are a really dynamic team but they can go blow for blow with their opponents when needed.

Link To Watch (Ice Ribbon Nico)

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