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Preview: Melbourne City Wrestling (MCW) – Nine (10/11/19 -10/12/19)

Nine Year Extravaganza

Over two huge nights this weekend, Melbourne City Wrestling (MCW) will celebrate it’s ninth anniversary. Across the event the company will showcase a plethora of rising young talent alongside some very well known names from around the world. Perhaps most significantly though the company will crown its first ever MCW Women’s Champion.

The MCW Women’s Championship will be awarded to the winner of the prestigious MCW Invitation tournament. In the past this tournament has played host to the likes of Marty Scurll, Trent Seven, Robbie Eagles and Adam Brooks. This weekend the field will comprise eight of the countries top women’s competitors all aiming to become the first ever MCW Women’s Champion.

Whilst much of the night two card is subject to results from night one we will attempt to break down both evenings cards here.

Let’s begin with the announced card for night one.

Photo: MCW

MCW Intercommonwealth Championship Number One Contenders Match: Emman The Kid vs Jett Rouka vs Royce Chambers

Two hot young prospect in Emman The Kid and Royce Chambers will make their MCW debuts this Friday.

Hailing from Malaysia Emman has been making waves since making the jump over to Australia. In past encounters Emman has gone toe to to with the likes of Robbie Eagles, JK Moody and even Jett Rouka. However, none of these encounters were on the big stage of MCW, so could the pressure be too much?

As the other debutant in this match Royce Chambers is one of the hottest talents rising up in Australia currently. Now he brings his talent to the big dance of the Thornbury Theatre, can he continue to rise the wave of success?

Standing in the ring to welcome the two newcomers will be MCW Academy standout Jett Rouka. Rouka stormed onto the scene with a show stealing AirForce 3 match against Robbie Eagles and Tyson Baxter before then entering the tag division with Baxter. Now it’s time for Rouka to take the next step in his singles career and set his sights on championship glory.

MCW Women’s Championship First Round: Candy Lee vs Xena

In the opening match of the MCW Invitational fans will see New Zealand’s Candy Lee make her MCW debut against Sydney’s Xena.

These two ladies are surpassingly strong and will certainly take each other to the absolute limits.

As we’ve witnessed in past performances Xena is unafraid to employ dirty tactics in her matches, particularly calling on assistance from her LUX tag team partner Kingsley. However, with Kingsley also competing in the tournament Xen may have to go it alone this time around. A factor which could prove instrumental in the outcome.

Predicted winner: Candy Lee

MCW Women’s Championship First Round: Avary Vs Steph De Lander

These two ladies are no strangers to each other, having faced off back in May. In that prior encounter Steph Del Lander was able to overwhelm Avary with her power and would ultimately walk out with her hand raised high. Since then De Lander has gone on to live up to her Python Powerhouse moniker.  De Lander revealed herself to be nothing but a snake in the grass when she stabbed her so called “best friend” Indi Hartwell in the back as Hartwell prepared to farewell MCW.

Avary conversely is returning home after a gruelling tour of Japan, competing in Stardom’s 5 Star Grand Prix. With this tournament wrestling experience under her belt Avary will be looking to reverse the outcome of the prior class between these two.

Predicted winner: Steph De Lander

MCW Tag Team Championship Number One Contenders Match: The Natural Classics (Tome & Stevie Filip) vs Will Ospreay & Kyle Fletcher

This match was originally scheduled to feature the team of Aussie Open (Kyle Fletcher & Mark Davis). However, due to an injury Mark Davis has had to withdraw from the bout. Luckily for both the fans and Kyle Fletcher a more than able replacement has been found in the form of Will Ospreay.

Ospreay hasn’t set foot inside an MCW ring since MCW 100, where he battled Slex in one the best Australian matches of 2018.

Standing across the ring from the makeshift team of Fletcher and Ospreay will be one of the most well oiled units in MCW’s tag team history. The Natural Classics have been winning championships and stealing shows ever since they arrived in MCW. As the brothers now set their sights on international glory they are looking to go out with one last monumental run.

Will it be the team of stars or the star team that walks out of this one victorious?

Shaun Young vs Ritchie Taylor

Ever since Shaun Young, Emmanuel and Atlas Whittaker formed Disruption the group has been mowing their way through the MCW roster. In order to find some worthy competition Young issued an open challenge. A challenge which was subsequently answered by MCW’s resident hard man, Ritchie Taylor.

Ritchie Taylor will be looking to do just what his nickname says he does by smashing the brash Young in the mouth. Hopefully shutting Young and Disruption up once and for all.

Taylor however will need to be careful because you can be assured that the rest of Disruption won’t be far away. 

MCW Women’s Championship First Round: Kellyanne vs Kingsley

In yet another first round clash of the MCW Invitational MCW’s foremost female roster member takes on a fresh face of the division.

Kellyanne has been a stalwart of the MCW Women’s division, and according to many fans is the most deserving of all of the competitors in the tournament. In order to capture the gold which she has worked so long and hard for she will have to overcome the mouthy Kingsley.

Hailing from Sydney Kingsley has become known as a bratty, big mouth on the women’s circuit. Kingsley is known to serve up “the tea” and has recently been taking that approach quite literally, so Kellyanne better watch out or she may get scalled in the first round of the tournament.

Predicted winner: Kellyanne

MCW Women’s Championship First Round: Jessica Troy vs Tarlee

For the final first round matchup perhaps Australia’s brightest women’s prospects is set to take on a star.

Jessica Troy, now using the ‘Arm Collector’ moniker, has been amassing victories all over the country with her vicious arm bar submission. Can she add three more arms to her collection on route to capturing the MCW Women’s Championship?

Standing in Troy’s way in the first round will be rising star Tarlee. Having trained under WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins at the Black And Brave Academy Tarlee is certainly no easy beat. Tarlee truely believes inn her own hear that she is a star and will be looking to prove that to all of her doubters this Friday.

Predicted winner: Jessica Troy

Slex & Adam Brooks vs Caveman Ugg & Hartley Jackson

After Dowie James ruined what was an epic MCW World Championship clash between Slex and Adam Brooks at last month’s New Horizons show the two men are set to join forces this weekend.

Slex and Brooks will be facing off against the monstrous combination of Caveman Ugg and Hartley Jackson. This match will mark Jackson’s return to the independent scene after long period away working as a coach at WWE’s Performance Centre in Orlando.

The big questions leading into this one are; can Slex and Brooks coincide peacefully before their much and anticipated rematch at MCW End Game? And will Dowie James make his presence known once again?

Night Two

Night 2 of Nine Celebration
Photo: MCW

In regards to night two we have to be a little more speculative, but we will do our best.

Mike Burr vs DCT

In what is the only 100% confirmed matchup for night two of this epic weekend we will see Mike Burr clash with bitter rival DCT.

After months of tensions simmer away between these two men MCW Management have finally removed the shackles and will allow the score to be settled once and for all.

Both men have proven to be incredibly physical, dominant and resilient. So it’s going to take something extraordinary for this one to end.

Can the ‘Wardog’ Mike Burr turn around his recent form and walk out victorious or will the flamboyant, cocky DCT prove to be too much?

MCW Intercommonwealth Championship: Danny Psycho vs No. 1 Contender

Now we’re getting into speculation territory.

We’re going to predict that the MCW Academy graduate takes all of his knowledge learned in that system to come out of the AirForce 3 match victories. Then in doing so he will face a much more different opponent in the bruising Danny Psycho.

Having only recently captured the MCW Intercommonwealth Title Psycho will be looking to continue to assert his dominance over the division. But he best be wary not to overlook the academy graduate, even if Rouka enters the match battered from the night prior.

MCW Tag Team Championship: The Brat Pack (Nick Bury & Mitch Waterman) vs No. 1 Contenders

Coming out of night we fully expect Will Ospreay and Kyle Fletcher to be walking in to challenge The Brat Pack for their MCW Tag Team Championships.

The Brat Pack need a new challenge having already proven that they can beat everyone on the Australian tag team scene. This Saturday though they will face perhaps their stiffest test yet when the current IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion jounces forces with a former PROGRESS Tag Team Champion.

Should this match occur, it very well could be the match of the entire weekend.

MCW Women’s Championship Semi Finals & Final

In terms of the final two rounds of the MCW Invitational there are some potentially tasty matchup to behold.

On the first side of the bracket we could see two powerhouses battling it out as Candy Lee squares off again Steph De Lander. With De Lander being on a tear since arriving in MCW we fully expect her to capitalise on this opportunity and make it right through to the final.

De Lander’s potential opponent in said final is likely to have a much tougher path to navigate. 

Two ladies who know each other inside and out could potentially square off in the semi final stage should both Jessica Troy and Kellyanne advance. These ladies have put on match of the year potential clashes wherever they have crossed paths, and we certainly wouldn’t expect any different inside the hallowed halls of the Thornbury Theatre. With her experience advantage we predict Kellyanne makes it to the final on this side of the bracket.

That would then setup another potentially show stealer between Kellyanne and Steph De Lander. In recent week’s these two ladies have crossed paths outside of a wrestling ring, and there was certainly no love lost between them. With championship gold and bragging rights on the line neither lady is going to go down without a hell of a fight.

Prediction: Inaugural MCW Women’s Champion Kellyanne

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