SmackDown Highlights Rundown – Gable The Underdog (9/10/19)

The return to Madison Square Garden has come and gone. WWE has officially set the scene for the King of the Ring finals following the main event of SmackDown LIVE. Not only that but with Clash of Champions this Sunday, the show is set to flourish. Here’s the SmackDown Highlights.

SmackDown Highlights Rundown (9/10/19)

King of the Ring Night 8 Results

King Of The Ring
Photo: WWE

The final bout before the Finals of the King of the Ring tournament took place last night as the SmackDown side of the bracket found its representative. With Elias out due to injury, it was an opportunity for Shane McMahon to try and step in to win another tournament without doing much of the work.

King of the Ring Semifinals: Shane McMahon vs Chad Gable

The odds were of course stacked against Chad Gable in every single way possible. Shane McMahon just stepping in and Kevin Owens planted as the referee, who had to make a decision that would alter his career. Gable had two things on his side, however. Heart and the fans. Having both by him would lead to major success for yet another round as he managed to win despite Kevin Owens having to play to Shane McMahon. Gable had multiple pin attempts that seemed to be three counts but would not succeed. Ultimately, Gable did the only thing he could do which was lock Shane in an Ankle Lock. He would drop down and rip away at the ankle before Shane would finally tap out. The underdog story continues for Gable who will now face Baron Corbin on Raw next week to claim the throne as rightful “King”.

Kevin Owens is Fired

Smackdown Highlights
Photo: WWE

Following the match between Gable and Shane, Shane would attack Owens and fire him on the spot. The story continues between these two, as this has certainly not been the first time he has been let go. KO officially has nothing to lose.

Kofi Kingston revisits the past with a Boom

Smackdown Highlights
Photo: WWE

In the decade since a live show took place at MSG, there is one thing that remains. The rivalry between Kofi Kingston and Randy Orton has been the big story in WWE ten years later. Kingston was out to discuss that moment a decade ago when he hit the Boom Drop on Orton and made himself a star. Orton made it clear to Kofi yet again that he was “stupid, stupid, stupid” while reassuring that he would win the WWE Championship come this Sunday. The fight was on as Orton smashed Kofi with a chair but Kingston managed to turn it around. Kofi would sit his rival on the table before getting to the railing again as he hit the Boom Drop a decade later. With Kingston standing on top of the world again, we will see if Orton can put him down and take the title he chased for ten years.

The go-home SmackDown heading into Clash of Champions had its ups and downs. This coming Sunday will be one big one with every title on the line, so be sure to check back this week for the Clash of Champions preview.

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