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Kenny King Invades CMLL Next Month

At tonight’s Ring Of Honor Mass Hysteria event, Kenny King went one-on-one with international superstar and CMLL talent, Dragon Lee. In a very hard-fought match that could have gone either way, three seconds is all it took after Lee had the unfortunate experience of taking the Royal Flush from Kenny King. King, with what seemed as assistance from Amy Rose, won the match.

After the match, King got on the microphone and says the following: “And that’s only a little bit of what you can expect to see, cause next month, CMLL gets invaded, by the K.I.N.G.” It was announced earlier in the match that Kenny King would be on an extended tour of Mexico while working with the partner promotion of ROH. Ian Riccaboni also mentioned that the promotions biggest show of the year, the 86th Aniversario event would be available for streaming on the ROH Honor Club streaming service.

Kenny King
Photo / ROH

ROH began this practice last year for CMLL’s 85th Aniversario event to help get the promotion more exposure to ROH’s fanbase. Kenny King is no stranger to CMLL and it’s historic venues such as Arena Mexico, as Kenny King performed three previous times in Mexico back in September of 2017 where he would compete in the company’s Grand Prix International Tournament and would compete in a couple of “Best Out Of Three Falls” Trios matches.

It appears King may be accompanied by Amy Rose, who according to Ian Riccaboni is someone that’s been at ringside at the table where Bobby Cruz and some times, Cary Silkin sit at, for the past 18 months. Amy Rose, fluent in Spanish, could prove to be an asset for Kenny King during his time in Mexico. Amy Rose is a representative of the Team 3D Academy, ran by ROH’s Bully Ray and Devon Dudley of WWE. Amy has been training at the ROH Dojo since 2018. A native of the country of Cuba and a resident of Miami, Florida, Amy Rose made her professional debut in 2017. There’s no telling what she will bring to the table now that she is on the side of Kenny King.

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