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Preview: AAW – Destination: Milwaukee (7/12/19)

AAW Pro events are so enticing on paper and deliver even more because of the mix of established talent and athletes really looking to make a name in the business. It’s no different at AAW Destination: Milwaukee because the AAW Heavyweight championship will be on the line in the main event against the new powerhouse, FATU, and the man that has brought AAW Pro to new heights as the flag bearer of the company, Sami Callihan. The AAW women’s championship will also be on the line and Mance Warner promises to be in the front row with cold beers in hand after being forced to leave AAW to Jimmy Jacobs in a Loser Leaves AAW match at AAW Never Say Die on June 28. Let’s see the full card and what could go down in Milwaukee at the Turner Hall Ballroom with the best of AAW in action and some returns.

Preview: AAW – Destination: Milwaukee

Air Wolf vs Curt Stallion

Photo: AAW

Air Wolf is the first graduate of former WWE Superstar Ken Anderson’s The Academy: School Of Professional Wrestling and he only has three years of wrestling under his belt. AAW likes to promote the best stars of tomorrow and Air Wolf could certainly be in the conversation. Wolf will be looking for Howl At The Moon but he has a hard-hitter to contend with in this one. Curt Stallion comes from Texas with five years experience, he has been waiting for his moment to rise up the cards and it seems that has been happening lately. “The Lone Star” has to build up his win-streak the same way the AAW Heritage champion, Jake Something, has and he will be looking at gold and not up at the lights.
Prediction: Curt Stallion wins.

Besties in the World (Davey Vega & Matt Fitchett) vs. Ace Austin & Clayton Gainz

Photo: AAW

The Besties In The World failed in their quest to recapture the AAW tag team championships against LAX (Ortiz & Santana) and The Rascalz (Dezmond Xavier & Zachary Wentz) but they never stop the grind. Matt Fitchett really compliments Davey Vega so well after years of teaming but frustration has really been mounting after a mixed bag of wins and losses. Ace Austin has been featured every month at AAW events and he’s even given Josh Alexander his best in singles action but now Ace has a partner to back him up. Clayton Gainz has the size and potential to really make this team work after spending the same amount of time in pro wrestling, since 2015. Gainz comes from Ohio to make sure his team comes out looking better than they came in even if The Besties will have the audience in their back pocket.
Prediction: Ace Austin and Clayton Gainz win.

“The Walking Weapon” Josh Alexander vs Josh Briggs

Photo: AAW

This has all the making of being the fight of the night, and fight is not a word used lightly considering both have spent considerable time on the gridiron as football players. Josh Alexander still has the headgear to prove it and a bigger history in AAW as a former AAW Heavyweight champion. Briggs is 6”8 of intensity and only injuries have held him back in the past year from breaking through into some headline matches. It would be no surprise if this gets a rematch after it becomes an absolute brawl but a clear and decisive winner is what the Milwaukee fans really want. This is such an interesting match when it comes to the win because Josh Briggs could really use a shot in the arm to take him to the next level but Alexander has been undefeated on the other hand since his return just a couple months ago and is gunning for another run at the AAW Heavyweight championship. It’s all about what tomorrow brings sometimes in pro wrestling and Josh Briggs has more than size to get to the main events, there’s big talent waiting to be really unleashed.
Prediction: Josh Briggs wins.

The Lucha Bros (Pentagon Jr & Rey Fenix) vs FireFox (AR Fox & “Hot Fire” Myron Reed)

Photo: AAW

The Lucha Bros have done it all in AAW Pro but they have one of the top teams on the US independent scene now. AR Fox and Myron Reed have been teaming for the past year and chemistry has only grown with that partnership of Fox taking “Hot Fire” under his wing. Anything that Fox can do, Reed can attempt almost as flawlessly. Is this new amazing tag team going to have what it takes after The Fear Factor and high-flying around the ring against Fenix and Pentagon Jr though? Something about this match says that Reed gets one of the biggest wins of his career and the AAW tag team championships are just around the corner.
Prediction: AR Fox and Myron Reed win.

Juventud Guerrera vs John Morrison

Photo: AAW

Forty-four-year-old Juventud Guerrera has been wrestling for an astounding twenty-six years now. “The Juice” has wrestled in almost every big pro wrestling company in the world, John Morrison is the perfect opponent for Juventud when you consider their athletics and backgrounds. John Morrison has wrestled in marquee matches in Mexico just like Juventud and that’s to properly accommodate his style, this match will need lots of time to entertain the fans. What will make the match that much more enthralling is the roles with Juventud being a very cocky in the ring and Morrison always putting his ego on display as well. Juventud has certainly made his mark in pro wrestling but he may do that honors here and the fans will cheer for the returning John Morrison.
Prediction: John Morrison wins.

AAW Women’s Championship: Jessicka Havok (c) vs Taya Valkyrie

Photo: AAW

“La Wera Loca” finally comes back AAW women’s division and it’s a title shot for the former multi-time women’s champion right away against someone she knows very well. Taya Valkyrie has been a top figure all of 2019 in America as the Impact Wrestling Knockouts champion after spending years in Mexico. The Vancouver native has reached her pinnacle in pro wrestling by beating some of the best females today and this would be another big notch in the belt. Jessicka Havok has beaten everyone from Ivelisse to Kylie Rae and that momentum never slows, it just grows after every middle-rope Tombstone Piledriver. The nine-years spent on the road from Taya will have new fire by being the underdog in this match but the Road To Valhalla will be hard to pull off on the monster champion. Jessicka Havok has yet to truly meet her match in AAW, Valkyrie will be playing no games and Havok has the power game in spades.
Prediction: Jessicka Havok retains the AAW Women’s championship.

AAW Heavyweight Championship: Sami Callihan (c) vs FATU

Photo: AAW

Is it “thumbs up, thumbs down” or is it the dawn of a new age in AAW Pro? The challenge of FATU is no surprise after plowing through the competition like the equally massive and agile, Kongo Kong. “The Draw” commented post-match after retaining against “The Product” David Starr after AAW Take No Prisoners on May 11 that he doesn’t care if FATU brings his manager, Armando Alejandro Estrada because he’s bringing his baseball bat. This is going to be a very dangerous match for the champion because he too has defeated Kongo Kong but there are only so many huge matches you can retain the “big F’N belt” against before it takes its toll. FATU is also coming hot after capturing the Major League Wrestling (MLW) World Heavyweight Championship last week becoming a buzz name on the indie circuits in the process. FATU may not succumb to the Cactus Piledriver but perhaps JT Davidson will even the odds as his manager against all odds.
Prediction: Sami Callihan retains the AAW Heavyweight championship.


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