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#AndNEW: Four New Champions Crowned In Defiant Wrestling

Defiant Wrestling

Defiant Wrestling rolled into Newcastle this past Saturday night for the fourth annual Built to Destroy event, a night that drastically changed the landscape of Defiant as four of the five championships on offer changed hands throughout the night.

#AndNEW: Four New Champions Crowned In Defiant Wrestling

#AndNEW: David Starr Wins Defiant World Championship

Perhaps the biggest change of the night came in the evening’s main event as 2019 No Regrets Rumble winner David Starr finally achieved his goal of capturing the Defiant World Championship when he defeated Rampage. This ended Rampage’s second reign with the title at 73 days.

The match had originally ended in a disqualification win for The Product (meaning Rampage would retain) when Rory Coyle, who had already been barred from ringside following his loss to Starr on last Sunday’s episode of Loaded, interfered and pulled the referee out of the ring while he was counting the pinfall. However, the man of many nicknames demanded the match to be restarted, even offering a no disqualifications stipulation to ensure Rampage would oblige to his pleas. The monster of Defiant would agree to the match restarting, but that would come back to bite him as Starr hit him in the head with the championship belt and dropped him on his head with the Trapped Arm Bob Fossil (an arm-trapped piledriver) to finally lift the top prize within Defiant Wrestling.

#AndNEW: Joe Hendry Wins Defiant Internet Championship

One of Defiant’s most personal rivalries was rekindled at Built to Destroy as Joe Hendry captured his first Internet Championship by defeating arch-rival Martin Kirby in a tantalizing contest. With this win, it marks the second title The Prestigious One has taken from Project Ego, following on from the World Championship in early 2017.

As we’ve come to expect from these two in a Defiant ring, the match was one of the best of the entire night. We saw Hendry use some of the new moves he’s added to his arsenal as of late but when push came to shove, it would be his trusty Hendry Lock submission hold that allowed him to add the Defiant Internet Championship to his trophy cabinet.

#AndNEW: HT Drake Wins Defiant Hardcore Championship

The opening match to Built to Destroy saw No Fun Dunne take on former Anti-Fun Police comrade HT Drake for the former’s No Fun Championship but after the outcome of the bout, the title is now once again known as the Hardcore Championship.

HT Drake made it clear from the start of the match that his days of having now fun are completely behind him, bringing a trash can full of weapons to the ring with him. The likes of steel chairs, a table, a stop sign, and thumbtacks were used here, with The Gimmick Killer performing a corkscrew senton off the ropes on to Dunne while he was lying on some chairs to pick up the three count. Having been with Defiant since the first set of WhatCulture Pro Wrestling (WCPW) tapings, HT Drake has finally lifted some championship gold.

#AndNEW: The Tuck Shop Win Defiant Tag Team Championships

After reigning over the Defiant tag team division since March, the title reign of The South-Coast Connection (Ashley Dunn and Kelly Sixx) came to a crashing halt at the hands of The Tuck Shop‘s Visage and honorary member Benji, with the latter cashing in his Magnificent Seven Briefcase in a Ladder Match. By the end of the match, all four involved were left with battered bodies after the hell they went through here.

Everyone felt the brunt of the ladders on offer but similarly, all four had unique ways in mind to use the weapons. Benji felt the need to dive off the ropes on to one of his opponents while they were lying on one ladder that had been positioned against another ladder. Absolute madness from the perennial fan favourite right there. After both SCC members had been disposed of, it would be Benji that climbed the ladder of success (both literally and metaphorically) to retrieve the championship belts for he and The Queen of Queens.

In other notable happenings from the night, Lizzy Styles retained the Defiant Women’s Championship in a Last Woman Standing Match opposite Lana Austin, Nathan Cruz defeated Simon Miller three falls to two in wrestling’s first Ups & Downs Match, the returning Lucky Kid scored a submission victory over Man Like Dereiss in Dereiss’ best performance to date, general manager General Ameen fired former Tag Team Champions The South-Coast Connection from the Defiant Wrestling roster, and Rory Coyle recruited Conor Renshaw to join his new crusade known as Wrestling’s Redemption.

Stay tuned to the Last Word on Pro Wrestling for more on this and other stories from around the world of wrestling, as they develop. You can always count on LWOPW to be on top of the major news in the wrestling world, as well as to provide you with analysis, previews, videos, interviews, and editorials on the wrestling world. You can catch Built to Destroy and a whole back catalogue of Defiant shows using their on-demand service, Access Defiant.


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