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#AndNEW: Spike Trivet Wins NORTH Championship

Spike Trivet North

One of the most popular promotions in the UK at the moment is NORTH Wrestling (NCL), a promotion that has been on the go since 2016. The premier performer in that promotion for the last while has been Rory Coyle, who’s held on to the NORTH Championship since the inaugural champion was crowned in March 2018. However, his 462-day reign with that title has come to an end this past Saturday at Do You Wanna Start A Cult? as he was dethroned by one third of The Coalition, Spike Trivet. Trivet won the title in a Triple Threat Match that also included TK Cooper.

Spike Trivet Wins NORTH Championship

Rory Coyle had reigned over NORTH Wrestling essentially since the debut show in July 2016. Alongside his former Sons of Ulaid partner Bas Ban, the tandem caused havoc throughout the company, even picking up a victory over one of the greatest teams on the UK scene right now in The Aussie Open (Mark Davis and Kyle Fletcher). On the same night as that huge victory, that’s when Coyle struck gold, becoming the first ever NORTH Champion by winning a Scramble Match. Successful defences would follow against the likes of Chief Deputy Dunne, The Primate, and Martina while The Video Nasty would also be Liam Slater‘s final opponent (at the time of writing at least) in an epic encounter at Nobody Pray For Me last September.

Rory would celebrate his one year as champion with a special St. Paddy’s Day Massacre against seven challengers, but it was around about this time where NORTH’s new devious alliance was coming together as a cohesive unit. Originally known as Team Shirt, Spike Trivet, Chief Deputy Dunne, and Los Federales Santos Jr. had their sights set on the NORTH Championship. Now that Trivet has the championship in his possession, it appears the trio now have everything they could have ever wished for. Not only have they got the gold, but they’ve also sent Rory Coyle packing from the promotion as the sickest man in British wrestling seemingly announced his departure from NORTH following the match.

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