Farewell To The Young Bull: Gabriel Kidd Leaves Defiant Wrestling

On this past Sunday’s episode of Defiant Wrestling‘s weekly YouTube show Loaded, Gabriel Kidd lost a 30 minute Iron Man Match to “The Prestigious One” Joe Hendry, meaning Kidd will now be forced to wrap up his career in the company he’s called home for the past three years.

Gabriel Kidd Wraps Up Defiant Wrestling Career

Joe Hendry
Photo: Defiant Wrestling

The match itself was a close one, with the first fall coming within minutes of the match starting when Joe surprised Gabe with a schoolboy rollup. As the match went on, both men took the fight all over the Northumbria University Students’ Union, eventually culminating with Hendry taking a 4-3 lead thanks to a Hendry Lock with just 90 seconds left on the clock. There was nothing more that The Young Bull could do as the clock winded down, signaling his final match inside a Defiant ring.

He was confronted post-match by general manager and former best friend General Ameen, with the two finally embracing for the first time since Kidd turned on The Indian Dream 15 months ago. Gabe then delivered an impassioned speech about how Defiant Wrestling had help him grow as both an in-ring performer and as a human being in general. By the looks of things, this isn’t an angle – Gabriel Kidd really is on his way out of Defiant.

WCPW Original

Photo: Defiant

One of the company’s originals back when it was known as WhatCulture Pro Wrestling (WCPW), Kidd was involved in the first ever match to air on Loaded, an Elimination Match opposite Alex Gracie and future World Champion Joseph Conners. From this point forward, Kidd went on a long losing streak, including losses to Suzuki-gun member El Desperado, British wrestling legend Doug Williams, and soon to be Impact Wrestling star Johnny Mundo. Along the way, he and Prince Ameen became best friends as opposed to Gabe being Ameen’s servant (a role he received after losing a match at Built to Destroy 2016).

That losing streak would finally come to an end at No Regrets 2017 as he pinned current All Elite Wrestling (AEW) head honcho Cody Rhodes to lift the Internet Championship, a title he defended against all comers. Kenny Williams, Zack Gibson, Sha Samuels, you name it. Gabriel Kidd was a true fighting champion, but it would be the unique submission holds of Zack Sabre Jr. that ended his reign in September of 2017. Fast forward a few months, and The Young Bull was born when Kidd turned on Ameen at Lights Out 2018.

Rise Of The Young Bull

Photo: Defiant

After this moment, Gabe went on a tear through the Defiant roster, earning himself a World Championship opportunity against Rampage at Fight or Flight in October 2018. When Rampage pinned him though, Kidd went one step too far when he slapped then-general manager Primate in the jaw – those familiar with him will remember that it was a jaw injury that caused Primate to go into retirement for a few months. The Young Bull would soon be joined in his quest to conquer Defiant by none other than Rory Coyle, an alliance that shocked all of the Defiant fans seeing as Coyle and Kidd had been at each other’s throats for the previous handful of shows.

In 2019, The Young Bull set his sights on two men – David Starr, and Joe Hendry. He and Coyle defeated Hendry and Primate at Unstoppable back in February, followed by a time limit draw against The Prestigious One at March’s Magnificent Seven pay-per-view. After he defeated Starr at Lights Out the next month, he lost a rematch to The Product at No Regrets, meaning Kidd would have to enter the No Regrets Rumble Match at number one. That didn’t stop him from making it to the final two however as he lasted 75 minutes 14 seconds in the match before being ousted by winner, David Starr.

Now that he’s lost this match to Joe Hendry, Gabriel Kidd is leaving quite the career behind him in Defiant Wrestling. Wherever the next chapter of his life in the ring takes him, The Young Bull will always have a home in Defiant.

The Iron Man Match can be viewed on Defiant Wrestling’s official YouTube channel below:

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