Preview: Southern Pro Wrestling (SPW) – Battle Lines (5/4/19)

After an incredible Queenstown Wrestlefest in March Southern Pro Wrestling (SPW) returns this weekend. The upcoming Battle Lines show will be the final stop on the road to the Southern Rumble, and as such tensions are running high!

Another key factor in the build-up to Battle Lines is SPW’s recently announced deal with TVNZ DUKE. The deal will see the company soon taking over the airwaves of New Zealand’s television landscape, which means every member of the roster is eager to step up their game and claim their spot in the limelight.

Looking ahead to this weekends card though New Zealand wrestling fans are set for an incredible card. Let’s break it all down below.

Wana Fight vs Kingi

Photo: SPWNZ

Last show these two men stood side by side as a team. Ultimately though they would come up short in their shot at the New Zealand Tag Team Championships. Kingi blamed this failure on Wana Fight, who “went for all the glory” alone to capture the victory. As such the pair are now set to stand toe to toe so that Kingi can’t “teach Wana a lesson he never forgets!”

Falcon Kid vs Shane Sinclair

Photo: SPWNZ

After succumbing to the ‘Shooter’ Shane Sinclair at Wrestlefest Falcon Kid is looking for redemption this weekend as the pair face off in a rematch.

After falling short in the match from March Falcon Kid began to question his position within the New Zealand wrestling landscape. For Sinclair, though there is no doubt in his mind that he is one of the countries top dogs, Sinclair is prepared to prove that to everyone once again by continuing his undefeated streak and crushing Falcon Kid’s hopes and dreams again this weekend.

Their match at Wrestlefest was something truly special so expect more of the same this weekend. However, will the result be different this time around?

T-Rex vs Caveman Ugg

SPW BattleLines
Photo: SPWNZ

A prehistoric showdown of epic preparations is set to shake the ground of New Zealand this weekend. It will be dinosaur vs caveman as SPW’s T-Rex battles the Australian behemoth Caveman Ugg.

Both men are brute force monsters and this is set to be an encounter which leaves a mark in everybody’s memory.

New Zealand Tag Team Championship: Detention (Sky & Ryder) (c) vs Deadly Sins (JK Moody & Kane Khan)

SPW BattleLines
Photo: SPWNZ

After losing the New Zealand Championship to Marcus Kool at Wrestlefest Kane Khan has now set his sights on new gold, the New Zealand Tag Team Championships. In order to take his shot at the titles, Khan has reunited with former partner JK Moody. 

The now resurrected Deadly Sins tag team is set to challenge current champions Detention. The title holders in this one have been consistently escaping, by hook or by crook, with the gold still around their waists.

Will the all-star team of Khan and Moody be able to unseat the seemingly unbeatable champions?

4 on 1 Handicap Match: Will Power vs CTRL

Photo: SPWNZ

Despite losing to Will Power in March CTRL’s Jake Sheehan has made it clear he is not yet finished with “SPW’s golden boy.” This weekend Sheehan will be bringing backup as the forces of CTRL multiply for this 4v1 handicap encounter.

With the odds firmly stacked against him can the gutsy Power simply survive this one?

New Zealand Championship: Marcus Kool (c) vs Professor Palmer

SPW BattleLines
Photo: SPWNZ

After finally recapturing the New Zealand Championship Marcus Kool called for anyone to step up and challenge him. Little did he expect the SPW General Manager himself, Professor Palmer would be the man to answer the challenge.

With Palmer answering the challenge it’s safe to say that the Hooligan will be coming into this one red hot. When Kool threw down the challenge he made it abundantly clear he wanted someone who “busted their ass” to earn an opportunity, instead he’s received a man who has simply handed himself a shot at the most prestigious championship in New Zealand wrestling today.

The major questions heading into this one though are, what part will the other members of Detention play? And, could Detention leave Battle Lines holding all of the SPW gold?

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