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Preview: Defiant Wrestling – Lights Out (4/17/19)

The latest iPPV for Defiant Wrestling comes our way on Wednesday night as they present Lights Out 2019, live from the O2 Academy in Leeds. With a new World Champion being crowned at the last big show for the promotion, who knows what could possibly happen this time around, especially with Rory Coyle reigning supreme as the World Champion.

The Dynamic Duo (Mark Billington & Thomas Billington) vs Jody Fleisch & Jonny Storm

Photo: Defiant Wrestling

One of the newer teams in Defiant, The Dynamic Duo, has blood running through their veins, being related to the late Dynamite Kid. Since being brought into the company this past January, Mark and Thomas Billington have excited crowds every time they step through the curtain. Having already come close to prying the Tag Team Championships away from The South-Coast Connection (Ashley Dunn & Kelly Sixx), it’s quite clear that the Billingtons are a force to be reckoned with in Defiant at a disgustingly young age – they’re both still teenagers and are insanely talented. Mark and Thomas may be relatively new at this whole wrestling thing, but their opponents are anything but in the form of Jody Fleisch and Jonny Storm. Fleisch and Storm are both veterans of the British wrestling scene, with both men beginning their careers in 1996. Their only appearance in Defiant thus far came in losing fashion to The SCC, and so they’ll be wanting to gain their first victory in the company. However, a victory over two men of this caliber would do wonders for the young careers of The Dynamic Duo.

Prediction: The Dynamic Duo

Mark Haskins vs Robbie X

Photo: Defiant Wrestling

After defeating Man Like Dereiss on the most recent episode of Loaded, Defiant newcomer Robbie X earned the right to face current Ring of Honor (ROH) star “Overkill” Mark Haskins. X made his debut a few weeks ago as an opponent for PAC, coming out on the losing side of things as many people do these days when facing The Man That Gravity Forgot. Following another loss – this being in a fatal four way match to El Phantasmo – Robbie was left with a sour taste in his mouth, feeling as if he wasn’t good enough to be in Defiant as he couldn’t quite pick up a victory. With Man Like Dereiss feeling just the same, the veteran Mark Haskins entered the scene and gave one of them a huge opportunity, depending on who won their match. The former Tag Team Champion has also faced his fair share of failure in Defiant, having been unable to take over Defiant while he was aligned with the invading IPW group and losing the tag titles alongside Jimmy Havoc in their first defense. With the third annual No Regrets Rumble Match approaching on May 25th, a win here would help out either man greatly ahead of that big match.

Prediction: Robbie X

Joe Hendry vs John Klinger

Photo: Defiant Wrestling

As general manager, Prince Ameen has had a major problem on his hands for quite some time now in the form of “The Badness” John Klinger. Ever since winning the Ringmaster Tournament last July, Klinger has been causing carnage everywhere he goes. Whether it be in the ring or in the backstage area, The German Psycho seemingly can’t be stopped. As a result, Ameen has drafted in Joe Hendry in an attempt to finally bring an end to the John Klinger problem. The Prestigious One turned a new leaf towards the end of 2018, with the fans embracing him once more after seeing just how determined he was to succeed in every aspect of his life. He and Klinger’s associate Gabriel Kidd went to a time limit draw at March’s Magnificent Seven iPPV, leaving Joe fuming. This may seem like Prince Ameen wanting someone to stop John Klinger in his path but if you look closer, this is the opportunity Joe Hendry needs right now. We all know he can do it, but Joe always knows he has to be better than he was the last time around. Having not been in a championship picture for some time, that should motivate Hendry enough to stop Klinger’s wave of destruction.

Prediction: Joe Hendry

David Starr vs Gabriel Kidd

Photo: Defiant Wrestling

It was last year’s Lights Out show where Gabriel Kidd showed his true colors and turned his back on then-partner Prince Ameen, a move that has led him to become The Young Bull he is today. As of late, his eyes have been focused on David Starr, seething at the opportunities Starr has gotten despite his continued inability to overcome those barriers. After The Product failed in his conquest to dethrone Rampage of the World Championship at Unstoppable, he was ambushed backstage by Kidd, an attack that left him rather injured going into his match with Joe Hendry on an episode of Loaded. Gabe was actually suspended for his actions but after Hendry pleaded for him to be reinstated so he could get his hands on him, Starr now has the chance to get retribution on the former Internet Champion himself. Both men were part of a recent tag team match also involving Joe and John Klinger, with Starr and Hendry suffering a rather nasty beatdown at the hands of Kidd, Klinger, and The Anti-Fun Police. With that in mind, The King of Taunts surely won’t be 100% heading into this bout.

Prediction: Gabriel Kidd

PAC vs El Phantasmo

Photo: Defiant Wrestling

PAC is making his return to Defiant Wrestling at Lights Out and in another dream match scenario, he’ll face El Phantasmo. It only took a month after he resurfaced on the independent circuit for Defiant to announce some appearances for the former WWE Cruiserweight Champion, with PAC so far defeating David Starr and Robbie X in excellent bouts. Starr is someone who prefers to use impactful slams and drops to take out his opponents while Robbie utilizes hard-hitting strikes to wear down the opposition. PAC’s opponent here, however, is someone akin to himself. Phantasmo was originally brought into Defiant as a replacement for Matt Riddle during last year’s Ringmaster Tournament and in the months that have followed, has become one of Defiant’s most popular athletes. The Headbanga was victorious over Mark Haskins, Robbie X, and Chris Brookes on Loaded a few weeks ago to earn the right to face PAC at Lights Out. To say it was the best outcome would be an understatement. A possible match of the year contender right here.

Prediction: PAC

Defiant Women’s Championship: Kanji (c) vs Lizzy Styles

Photo: Defiant Wrestling

Back in December, Kanji debuted in Defiant Wrestling and in just her second match, she captured the Women’s Championship from Bea Priestley in an elimination gauntlet match. Since that match, The Asian Sensation has been able to retain her title over the likes of Lana Austin and Little Miss Roxxy. One woman that’s had her number though is Lizzy Styles. The One Woman Army answered Kanji’s open challenge on the post-Unstoppable episode of Loaded, defeating her in a shock victory. A second pinfall loss to Lizzy resulted in Kanji going to Prince Ameen and attempting to voluntarily give up the championship until Ameen talked her out of it. While an injury ruled her out of a defense at Magnificent Seven, there’s nothing stopping Kanji from defending her gold in Leeds. She’s not had the easiest of journies and seeing as she’s against her biggest challenge once again, her time with the championship could indeed be coming to an end.

Prediction: Lizzy Styles

Defiant Internet Championship: Martin Kirby (c) vs Sean Kustom

Photo: Defiant Wrestling

Martin Kirby was set to defend his Internet Championship against the loveable Lucky Kid at Lights Out, with Kid being given the title match by Prince Ameen as a way of apologizing for the wXw star being framed in the whole ‘who stole El Phantasmo’s glasses’ saga. However, an injury has prevented The Young Lion from competing here. Will Kirby be getting the night off as a result? Considering he’s already refusing to appear on Loaded, of course not – Ameen can’t afford to have the Internet Champion be absent for such a long time. He wanted a fresh face to challenge Project Ego for the championship, which comes by way of Australian standout Sean Kustom. Kustom is no stranger to the UK scene, having wrestled for promotions such as Southside Wrestling Entertainment (SWE), Revolution Pro Wrestling (RevPro), and ATTACK! Pro Wrestling (ATTACK! Pro), with a nine-year in-ring career to his name. Could he make a huge impact upon his Defiant debut, and capture the Internet Championship?

Prediction: Martin Kirby

No DQ Match for the Defiant World Championship: Rory Coyle (c) vs Rampage

Photo: Defiant Wrestling

At Magnificent Seven, Rory Coyle shocked everyone as he ended the 322-day reign of Rampage’s World Championship reign. No-one wanted the man to end Rampage’s mammoth reign to be The Last True Sick Boy, given his nefarious actions. Nevertheless, though, The Video Nasty did indeed pin Rampage’s shoulders to the mat to lift the gold. His original first challenger was actually Justin Sysum but after Rampage saved Sysum from his own funeral, a #1 contenders match was signed for Loaded, a bout that Rampage would win with not one, but two piledrivers to put an end to The Superhuman’s championship dreams. This won’t be any old championship contest though, as there will be no disqualifications for this match. That decision could come back to bite Defiant management in the rear end. We’ve seen what both men are capable of when given the necessary weapons – this could get messy.

Prediction: Rory Coyle


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