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#WrestleManiaWeek Preview – Battle Club Pro: Women Crush Wednesday (4/3/18)

Battle Club Pro is also helping to kick off WrestleMania week with their all-female event aptly titled Women Crush Wednesday. BCP runs in the Northeast regularly and they have a banger of a card lined up. They’ve also worked in a few new faces along with their regulars. Cosplay queen Leva Bates will also be the special guest commissioner. Enough chit chat let’s get down to the action.

Vanity vs. Savannah Evans

Photo: BCP

This will be Vanity’s third appearance for Battle Club Pro. She certainly hopes that the third time will be the charm, as she has yet to taste a win in BCP. The Wrestle BAE is just three years into her career as well. She’s also aware that this match won’t be pretty either and she’s ready. Her opponent is “The Cannibal”, Savannah Evans. Evans is a regular on the Southern wrestling scene but is also expanding her territory. She’s also worked for BCP in the past. A student of the Highspots Wrestling School, she’s got five years under her belt. The statuesque queen of combat will certainly be out for blood to satiate her appetite.

Gauntlet Match: Leyla Hirsch vs. Sahara 7 vs. Steph De Lander vs. Christina Marie vs. Dani J vs. Vipress vs. Rachel Bostic vs. Ruby Raze

Photo: BCP

This match at Women Crush Wednesday features all BCP debuts! Leyla Hirsch is a protégée of Combat Zone Wrestling (CZW)‘s DJ Hyde. She’s an old school brawler with grappling techniques. Leyla has also toppled two of women’s wrestling’s best recently, Mercedes Martinez and LuFisto. “The Last Egyptian Queen” Sahara 7 is also a Southern staple. She’s been making her way north and even completed a tour for Marvelous in Japan in 2018. Steph De Lander is another Australian sensation, formally known as FaceBrooke. She recently ditched the mask and FaceBrooke gimmick, so a win here could really cement her new character. “Courageous” Christina Marie is a New York native who’s worked for promotions like Pennsylvania Premier Wrestling and Excellence Pro Wrestling. She also recently debuted for Shine Wrestling and participated in the PPW/IMPACT Wrestling One Night Only show. Dani J is a student of AR Fox and WWA4 in Atlanta. She’s perhaps the newest wrestler in this match, but she’s got big dreams. Dani is solid in her technical in-ring work and a win here could be huge for her career.

Vipress is a dark lady wrestler perhaps best known for her work in Blackcraft Wrestling. There she is one half of The Essence with Harlow O’Hara. She is the wildcard in this match because you never know what she’s going to do. Rachel Bostic, aka Ray Lyn or Ray Cray, is a bubbly and spunky wrestler. She’s recently returned to the US after a tour with Marvelous in Japan. She also portrays the character Chantilly Chella for Women of Wrestling (WOW). Ruby Raze is a veteran of the SoCal indie scene and now makes her way to the East Coast. Raze is ruthless and a bruiser, unafraid to use her own body to inflict ultimate damage.

Tasha Steelz vs. Diamante

Photo: BCP

Next up for Women Crush Wednesday, we have a first time ever match. Tasha Steelz, the Puerto Rican protégée of Damien Adams faces Diamante, the Cuban Diamond of LAX. These two badass women will clash at Battle Club Pro. Tasha is a fixture in the Northeast, a regular for BCP, Women’s Wrestling Revolution and others. Diamante works in the Southern and Florida scenes, as well as across the country. The Latin fire is strong in both, so this one should be off the charts.

The Sea Stars (Ashley Vox & Delmi Exo) vs. Solo Darling & ???

Photo: BCP

Time for some tag team action! Team Sea Stars are sisters who have been teaming together for four years, in the likes of CHIKARA, SHIMMER, Queens of Combat and Women’s Wrestling Revolution. Ashley and Delmi have had success against teams of men and women alike. We know who one of their opponents is, Solo Darling. Darling is a respected veteran across the indie scene. Her usual partner is Willow Nightingale and together they are known as The Bird and the Bee. However, Willow suffered an unfortunate neck injury in February. Now Solo is on the search for a new partner. We’ll have to wait for showtime to see who Solo will be taking into battle with her.

Thunder Rosa vs. Davienne vs. Aerial Monroe

Photo: BCP

There’s another pair of debuts on top for Women Crush Wednesday. Thunder Rosa, also known as Kobra Moon, has been steadily raising her profile on the indie scene. She’s also one half of the popular tag team, the Twisted Sisterz with Holidead. Davienne is a Massachusetts native, the bruising beauty is definitely Not America’s Sweetheart. She’s a regular for Women’s Wrestling Revolution and Beyond Wrestling, where she’s their resident slugger. “Big Swole”, Aerial Monroe has been taking over the independent scene since her appearance in the Mae Young Classic. Thunder Rosa has the high flying lucha style, Davienne has the power and Aerial is a balance of both styles. This isn’t one with a clear winner on paper, this one will be a combination of skill and luck.

Allie Kat & Veda Scott vs. Shazza McKenzie & Indi Hartwell

Photo: BCP

Also happening at Women Crush Wednesday, we have another multi-person match. Allie Kat has only appeared at BCP once before, and she lost to Veda Scott in that encounter. The two have teamed together once before since then, so perhaps they can get along. Also, with Allie involved, this one can be properly classed as a catfight. Veda is a wrestling gypsy these days, going wherever wrestling takes her and hustling for bookings. Shazza and Indi are both Australian standouts who’ve appeared in the US before, just not BCP. Indi has no scruples when it comes to doing whatever it takes to win. Shazza has a good girl persona, but she is also full of heart and fight. The two usually end up on opposite sides of the ring, so it’ll be interesting to see how they work together.

Maria Manic vs. Su Yung

Photo: BCP

This is another first time ever encounter and this one will be a fight. Maria Manic is one of the strongest women in independent wrestling right now. She’s a powerful woman and a straight-up brawler. Even the sight of her own blood does not deter the Maneater. She is up against another powerful force in that of the Undead Bride, Su Yung. Su is a supernatural character who’s also tough as nails. She also has a very twisted mind, coming up with combinations and moves to torture her opponents. This is another match at Women Crush Wednesday where it’s too close to predict. You have to watch to see what sort of insanity these two will create.

Battle Club Pro ICONS Championship: Harlow O’Hara (c) vs. Kylie Rae

Photo: BCP

In the main event of Women Crush Wednesday, we will be transported to the Church of Harlow. The reigning BCP Icons Champion is a religious icon herself, Harlow O’Hara. The emerald-haired priestess will seek to bring her challenger in as a new member of her congregation. If not, Kylie will be just another sacrifice on the altar in the Church of Harlow. Smiling Kylie Rae is not intimidated by the goddess. They have faced off in tag and multi-person matches, but never one-on-one. Kylie is also a champion, the current reigning Freelance Wrestling Champion and Brew City Wrestling Women’s Champion. The closest Kylie has gotten to someone like Harlow is possibly Jessicka Havoc, to whom she just lost the All American Wrestling (AAW) Women’s Championship. Will the reign of Harlow continue, or will Kylie come away with the upset?

All of this amazing action helps kick off WrestleMania week for 2019 on Wednesday, April 3rd! If you can’t make it out in person, it will likely be uploaded on the Title Match Wrestling Network. That is where most of Battle Club Pro’s shows can be found!

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