Preview: CHIKARA National Pro Wrestling Day (2/10/19)

CHIKARA’s first event of season 20 is set to go down on February 10th and it’s National Pro Wrestling Day! This is the seventh annual NPWD CHIKARA has held. The event is free, however, a donation is suggested. All proceeds will be donated to Arch Street Center. The Arch Street Center is a non-profit organization serving those with mental health illnesses in the Lancaster, PA area. Their mission from their website is: “to support the recovery of adults living with serious mental illness by providing social, moral and material support, recreational and hygiene facilities and fresh, nutritious meals in a safe, nurturing environment.” The show will take place at Tellus360 with a start time of 2:00 PM.

Penelope Ford vs. Still Life with Apricots and Pears (w/BLANK)


Penelope Ford will pick up her rivalry with BLANK and his Nouveau Aesthetic from season 19 here. The Bad Girl tangled with BLANK at Let’s Get Invisible and was knocked out. However, that wasn’t all that happened in that match. Still Life with Apricots and Pears proved to be a thorn in her side, quashing a potential winning moment. Now at National Pro Wrestling Day, she will go toe-to-toe with Still Life with Apricots and Pears. For the tortured artist, this is a fact-finding mission that he is sending his charge on. BLANK wants Still Life to find out what Penelope Ford is all about. Still Life with Apricots and Pears also has two points on the Grand Championship leader board. If he were able to defeat Penelope, he would earn a title shot!

Officer Warren Barksdale vs. Hallowicked


Officer Warren Barksdale returns to CHIKARA, his last appearance was the October 7, 2018 Hour of Power. There he fell victim to Frantik’s Paralysis maneuver. Barksdale had started season 19 with a couple of victories. However, Barksdale’s momentum fell off following his loss to Tony Deppen at Revenge of the Lawn Gnomes. His opponent is not a forgiving one either. Officer Barksdale will be taking on CHIKARA original, Hallowicked. Hallowicked, the Broad Sword of Nazmaldun, is a two-time CHIKARA Grand Champion, a formidable opponent for anyone. Barksdale will certainly have his work cut out for him at National Pro Wrestling Day!

Los Ice Creams vs. The Proteus Wheel (Frantik & Volgar) vs. The Bird and The Bee (Willow Nightingale & Solo Darling) vs. The Colony (Green Ant & Thief Ant)


Also at National Pro Wrestling Day, we have some tag team action. This one is an elimination style match and has major point implications on the line. If you can eliminate all three other teams, you can walk away with three points and an automatic shot at the Campeonatos de Parejas! Each of these teams has no points on the board, so they would love to start season 20 off with a bang. As far as the competitors they are varied, experienced and several have tasted the gold before. Ice Cream, Jr. and El Hijo del Ice Cream are former Campeonatos de Parejas and would love to climb back towards another shot. The Proteus Wheel will be represented by Frantik and Volgar. The hulking monsters of Professor Nicodemus’ creation have yet to taste gold and nothing would make them closer to happy than to get a chance to do so.

Making her return to CHIKARA is Willow Nightingale, who first appeared back at the 2016 National Pro Wrestling Day. She is teaming here with a former Campeon de Parjeas, Solo Darling, and together they are known as The Bird and The Bee. They may not have teamed yet in CHIKARA, but they have teamed together in other promotions. They recently won the Women’s Wrestling Revolution Tournament for Tomorrow back in December. Perhaps they can get a jumpstart on working their way to a shot at gold in CHIKARA. The final team is Green Ant and Thief Ant as they represent The Colony. The Ants were able to win the 2018 King of Trios tournament, so they know what it takes to win something huge. With four very capable teams, the action will certainly be top notch.

Xyberhawx 2000 (Nytehawk & Razerhawk) vs. F.I.S.T. (Travis Huckabee & Tony Deppen)


The feud between the Xyberhawx and F.I.S.T. has continued over from season 19. The seeds of this started way back in May of 2018. Icarus, the leader of F.I.S.T., began berating the Hawx, graduates of the Wrestle Factory. He was invited to join them at Anniversario and ended up betraying them. They have been at war ever since. Nytehawk is making his return to CHIKARA, he hasn’t been seen since King of Trios. This was due to injury. Huckabee and Deppen are looking to get back on track following losses to end their season 19. This pairing from F.I.S.T. currently has one point on the board. Some forward momentum would get them back on track towards a Campeonatos de Parjas shot. On the same side, the Xyberhawx have no points on the board and would love nothing more than to finally vanquish F.I.S.T.

Missile Assault Man vs. Juan Francisco de Coronado


This contest will be the renewal of a rivalry that started during CHIKARA’s secret season 17. Missile Assault Man (MAM) and Juan Francisco de Coronado traded victories that season. In season 18, Juan became Grand Champion and one of his first challengers was MAM. Despite the Whisper promising to help MAM, he was unsuccessful in dethroning the aristocratic champion. Juan would continue his historic reign, and MAM would focus on other obstacles in his way. Fast forward to season 19 where MAM returned unexpectedly at Piano Lessons Can Be Murder! At La Loteria Letal, these two were forced by the luck of the draw to team together. They were able to coexist and make it all the way to the finals. However, they fell to the team of The Whisper and Princess KimberLee.

Now they are once again foes, this is MAM’s first proper singles match since returning to CHIKARA. Juan Francisco de Coronado currently has two points on the Grand Championship leader board. If he can defeat his old rival, he would earn a shot at the title. Ever since Coronado lost the Grand Championship to Mr. Touchdown, he’s been obsessed with getting it back. Now the opportunity is within his reach at National Pro Wrestling Day.

Jeremy Leary & Blanche Babish vs. Merlok & Oceanea


Jeremy Leary and Blanche Babish first teamed as a pairing at the season 19 finale, Let’s Get Invisible. They performed well together, despite not coming away with the win. They will get their opportunity to continue to work together here against Oceanea and her huge monster Merlok. The Creatures of the Deep were able to get a victory at Let’s Get Invisible, after a season of ups and downs. Now they will look to capitalize on that momentum here against the tandem of Leary and Babish.

CHIKARA Campeonatos de Parejas Match: Princess KimberLee & The Whisper (c) vs. Cornelius Crummels & Sonny Defarge


The main event of National Pro Wrestling Day is for the CHIKARA Campeonatos de Parejas! The team of Princess KimberLee and The Whisper is one made by La Loteria Letal. It is held together not by mutual goals or respect, but by whatever secret, The Whisper knows of the Princess. Their win in the finals of La Loteria Letal was by pure chance, as the kick KimberLee laid onto the Whisper led to the deciding fall in their favor. This will be their first title defense, against a couple of real businessmen.

Crummels and Defarge are also former Campeones, having held the titles back during secret season 17. Their reign lasted from the season 17 finale, Shape of Things to Come, until season 18’s The Lodger. They tied up their last two points in an elimination tag team match at the season 19 finale. Cornelius and Sonny may be devious businessmen, but they do know how to work together as a team quite effectively. This is one avenue yet to be proven for the current Campeonatos de Parejas. It was against the odds that Princess KimberLee and the Whisper became champions and it is against the odds they will defend them.

This match and all the others discussed will go down on February 10th at National Pro Wrestling Day! This event will be available on CHIKARAtopia as well as IndependentWrestling.TV if you aren’t able to make it out. If you are able to make it to Lancaster, it is free to attend, with donations suggested to benefit the Arch Street Center.


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