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Preview: WRESTLE RAMPAGE Never Surrender (2/2/19)

Adelaide’s WRESTLE RAMPAGE return for 2019 with a showcase of Australia’s top professional wrestlers battling it out in several heavy-hitting grudge matches!

6-Pack Challenge: Dean Valente vs. Einar Ironside vs. Nick Golfis vs. Corey Adams vs. ‘Human Bullet’ Link Barnett vs. Kazaran Crowe

Photo: Wrestle Rampage

In what is sure to be an action-packed match some of South Australia’s hottest prospects will battle it out in a 6-Pack challenge match. Technician Dean Valente will have his work cut out for him as he looks to counteract the high-flying ‘Sniper’ Nick Golfis, who is coming off a star-making performance with Robbie Eagles to close out 2019. Also featured in this match is the Viking Einar Ironside who vows to fight until he reaches Valhalla, which is sure to make him a tough opponent to defeat.

‘The Darkest Soul’ Robby Heart vs. Corndog

Photo: Wrestle Rampage

WRESTLE RAMPAGE fans are set to witness a first-time singles encounter as the man formerly known as Tyler Trench but now identifying as Corndog steps into the ring against ‘The Darkest Soul’ Robby Heart. Heart is looking to get back onto the right track with a victory here, but can he overcome a man who we have very few clues as to what he will bring to the equation.

‘King Of Monsters Jonah Rock vs. ‘The Prodigy’ Tommy Knight

Photo: Wrestle Rampage

Two of the countries most physically intimidating men square off as ‘The Prodigy’ Tommy Knight looks to prove why he has earned that moniker against the departing ‘King Of Monsters’ Jonah Rock. Rock has said Knight reminds him of a younger version of himself and believes Knight has a very bright future in this business, but rest assured Rock never lets anybody get an easy win. As Australia bids farewell to Rock in his last indie match in Australia before heading to NXT, this is sure to be an emotional night, but which will also see Rock leave nothing in the tank.

Cruiserweight Cup: Mike Boomer (c) vs. Rat Daddy

Photo: Wrestle Rampage

Current Cruiserweight Cup holder Mike Boomer will defend his crown against one fo the countries hottest stars at the moment, Rat Daddy. Rat Daddy has shown no fear against everyone he has come into battle against and despite failing to win the Australian National Championship in December is looking to secure some gold this weekend.

Australian National Championship Match: ’Punch-Drunk’ Istria (c) vs. ‘Sniper Of The Skies’ Robbie Eagles

Photo: Wrestle Rampage

After winning the Australian National Championship in a NO DQ five-man elimination match, which featured Jonah Rock, Rat Daddy, Robby Heart and Damian Slater, the new champion AJ Istria is set to defend the gold for the first time this weekend. Rather than look for an easy first title defense Istria will be facing another of Australia’s best as WRESTLE RAMPAGE welcomes Robbie Eagles. With his work in PWG and NJPW, Eagles had a stellar 2018 and he wants to continue that momentum to become Australian National Champion.

Can the newly crowned champ clip the Eagles’ wings and secure the victory with his unmatched submission prowess?


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