Preview: PWG Hand of Doom (1/18/19)

Pro Wrestling Guerrilla PWG

Pro Wrestling Guerilla (PWG) always puts together some of the best cards in the United States. Their first card of 2019 will kick the year off with the bang. The lineup features both titles on the line, some wrestlers will return, other will debut and some will say goodbye for the last time. Hand of Doom looks to be an exciting start to PWG’s year.

Jungle Boy vs Brody King

If you haven’t heard about Jungle Boy yet, he had a breakout night at GCW’s LA Confidential which got a little overshadowed by another big moment. Jungle Boy will be making his debut against Ring of Honor’s newest Villian Enterprise member Brody King. This match-up is an interesting styles clash because Brody has a more hard-hitting style while Jungle Boy is more of a high flyer. Jungle Boy will be trying hard to make a good first showing while Brody King tries hard to ruin it.

DJZ vs Puma King

DJ Z recently announced he was separating from IMPACT deciding instead to become a free agent in 2019 that could mean anything and every. Puma King did something similar earlier last year with CMLL and had himself a breakout year. This match should be all high flying. Puma King is a luchador known for his unorthodox offense. DJ Z is also a high flyer with a unique offense. These two will be looking to put on a show for this Los Anglos crowd.

Robbie Eagles vs Jonathan Grisham

Robbie Eagles is an Australian wrestler who had himself a lot of good matches in 2018 including a few in PWG. Jonathan Grisham is another wrestler making his PWG debut at Hand of Doom. Grisham is one of the best technical wrestlers in all of wrestling and will be trying to have an impressive showing his first PWG Match.

LAX (Santana & Ortiz) vs Rey Horas and Laredo Kid

LAX Photo: Robyn Goding / Beyond Gorilla

LAX are one of the best tag teams in all of independent wrestling. Their feud with the Lucha Bros has been one of the best things on IMPACT lately and the series has sprawled all over the country including Beyond and Bar Wrestling. They will be facing off against two other luchadors who are just as flashy as the Lucha Bros. Rey Horus is a AAA star who has appeared on a few PWG events including Battle of Los Angeles. Lardeo Kid is replacing Flamita who had to pull out from the originally announced match. Lardeo Kid is an amazing luchador from AAA who is looking to have a breakout year in 2019. He will start that breakout year where everyone goes to have good matches, in PWG.

Bandido vs ACH

This match was originally supposed to be Flip Gordon vs Bandido but Flip hurt himself at the recent Ring of Honor tapings. Lucky for everyone who wil be attending, it got changed to ACH vs Bandido. These two should have an outstanding match between one of the best American high flyers and one of the best luchadors in wrestling. Bandido

PWG Tag Team Championship Match: The Rascalz (Dezmond Xavier & Zachary Wentz) vs Best Friends (Trent Baretta & Chuck Taylor)

The last time we saw the Best Friends together in PWG was in February at Neon Knights when the two had an all-out war over the PWG World Title where Trent ended up hurt until August. Best Friends are also coming off an interesting New Japan Tag League where Chuck Taylor went off the rails a few times and lost by pelting his opponents with chairs. The Rascalz won the titles over 200 days ago in a triple threat match against Champions The Chosen Bros and the Young Bucks. The Rascalz have defended the titles against teams like Lucha Bros, LAX, and the Young Buck again. Whatever happens, this match will end up absolutely insane if it is anything like either team PWG matches in the past with either team having an equal chance of walking out the champions.

PWG World Championship: Jeff Cobb vs Trevor Lee

Trevor Lee has announced he will be heading to the WWE. Before he leaves though he wants to stop by PWG one last time and try to take the title with him to WWE. While it may seem impossible for someone everyone knows is leaving to win the title, PWG has had a few people win the title right be for they leave. Look at Ricochet and Keith Lee, who both had short title reigns no one thought they would have. Trevor Lee has become a staple of PWG. Expect him to put on one last hurrah before leaving. Jeff Cobb has become one of the most decorated PWG competitors of all time. He has held the PWG Tag Team Title with Matt Riddle. Cobb has won Battle of Los Angeles and then cashed in to beat Walter winning the PWG title. Cobb will not be looking to lose in his first title defense.

Jeff Cobb vs Trevor Lee should be a wildly interesting match up. Cobb destroyed Lee in only 15 seconds in Battle of Los Angeles. Don’t expect Trevor Lee to allow that to happen again, especially in what could be his last ever PWG match. Jeff Cobb, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to be going anywhere and he will want to beat the PWG regular on his way out. There is only one way to find out who wins and that is to be at the Global Theater January 18th for Hand of Doom.


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