Oriental Wrestling Entertainment – Is This All Elite Wrestling’s Biggest Get?

Oriental Wrestling Entertainment (OWE) is officially Elite. At Tuesdays rally for All Elite Wrestling (AEW), it was announced that OWE would have a working relationship with All Elite Wrestling. The Shanghai-based promotion has global aspirations, and with at least Strong Hearts headed to AEW, the company is taking a giant leap forward.

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Professional wrestling is a relatively new concept in China. Sports entertainment, for many years, was viewed solely through the lens of the WWE. As professional wrestling has begun to take off in Hong Kong and Taiwan, independent promotions started to pop up. Following in the footsteps of the Harbin-based Middle Kingdom Wrestling (MKW), OWE has found itself stepping into the global spotlight.

While wrestling in China tends to become more popular the more story-driven it is, you’d be hardpressed to find a promotion anywhere on Earth that goes as far as OWE when it comes to being a variety show. The wrestlers are just as often called idols. Shows will begin with carefully choreographed dance routines. Not in a condescending, “wrestling is just a dance,” way. This is a true dance number. Shows will also have performances from pop groups, weapon demos, and, of course, wrestling matches.

These additional acts make the promotion more appealing to Chinese fans, but global wrestling fans have found OWE appealing for something a bit different. Many OWE wrestlers have backgrounds in Shaolin Kung Fu. This makes for some of the most unique offense on the planet. This also allows the company to operate a bit easier. It becomes much easier to explain your wrestling promotion to the government when you inform them that you are spreading the culture of Chinese martial arts to the world. If young Chinese boys and girls see OWE, the promotion argues, it promotes a healthier, stronger lifestyle.

AEW isn’t the first company to see promise in OWE either. Dragon Gate announced a partnership with OWE back in May of 2018. OWE also has a partnership with Future Stars of Wrestling, which broadcasts OWE on their Twitch channel. Future Stars of Wrestling, Dragon Gate, and now AEW, have created working relationships with Oriental Wrestling Entertainment. Not bad for a promotion that held it’s debut show on February second of 2018. Two young, hungry promotions coming together like OWE and AEW should have wrestling fans around the world salivating over what’s to come.


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