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Buffalo Brothers In Car Accident, Two With Serious Injuries

UPDATE: Since the article was published, an official GoFundMe has been set up to help the Buffalo Brothers affected during their recovery for medical costs.

Another blow for the indie scene, in particular the US Northeast and Canadian (Ontario) indies, as a car carrying four members of the Buffalo Brothersthe tight-knit collective of emerging indie stars from the Buffalo, New York area that are breaking out with Empire State Wrestling (ESW) and Limitless in the US and with Smash Wrestling in Canada – hit a patch of black ice while driving home from a show in Montreal, Quebec and hit a guardrail where the car was severely damaged.

Pepper Parks (formerly Braxton Sutter in IMPACT Wrestling and one of the mentors of the Buffalo Boys) reported the accident on Social Media, and soon the others began to update on their condition. Wrestlers Kevin Bennett and Puf had minor injuries, but Kevin Blackwood and Danial Garcia suffered the worse of the four. The latter two were taken into emergency surgery, as Blackwood suffered two broken ankles and head trauma, while Garcia had a badly broken leg (broken femur) on one leg, and a broken ankle on the other.

The four had just finished wrestling for Federation de Lutte Quebecoise (FLQ), a sister promotion to Smash Wrestling out of Toronto, and was heading home when the accident occurred.

The staff of Last Word on Pro Wrestling send out their good vibes for a speedy return to the ring for these four talented men as they enter a new year of professional wrestling!



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