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Preview: OTT Redemption (11/10/18)

Ireland’s Over The Top (OTT) Wrestling looks to end the year on a high note as they run their last major show of the year, OTT Redemption, in Dublin.  With announcements that PAC will be coming to OTT soon, it’s easy to overlook this show but a closer look shows that it is one of the best OTT cards of the year.  No New Japan help for this one, just OTT regulars and Irish talent killing it.

Match 1: More Than Hype (LJ Cleary, Darren Kearney & Nathan Martin) vs Aussie Open (Kyle Fletcher & Mark Davis) & Travis Banks

Photo: OTT

Ireland vs Australia as Ireland’s favorite trio face some of the most talented wrestlers from the other side of the world.  MTH are coming off a bittersweet night at 4th Year Anniversary as Cleary defended his Gender Neutral Championship against the likes of Paddy M and Rocky Romero while Kearney and Martin lost to the Kings Of The North (Bonesaw & Damian Corvin).  Aussie Open are coming off a heel turn after they attacked Club Tropicana at WrestleRama 2.  The Aussies had a breakout summer, winning the PROGRESS Tag Teamchampionships, while Mark Davis won the Infinity Trophy in Fight Club: PRO.  Aussie Open are a tough proposition to face alone, as their combination of brawler with strength and agile flier makes them tough to beat.  MTH not only have to face Aussie Open, they also have to beat Travis Banks.  Banks has his first match back after injury, so comes in extremely fresh and in his own words, ready to kick someone very hard.  This promises to be an action-packed six-man tag match as MTH have the opportunity to win another big match. After Davis claimed that the Contenders brand produced nothing but jokes, he now faces three of the brand’s best creations.

Match 2: B. Cool vs Justy

Photo: OTT

Almost two full years after Justy turned his back on Cool, he finally has a chance for revenge.  The Hardiest Tank in OTT has come a long way since the Gymnasties days, but the night Justy turned on him still haunts him.  Justy threw away a 10 year friendship in December 2016 for his own greed and just when Cool and his new partner Angel Cruz thought they were free of Justy he appeared at WrestleRama 2 to cost them the tag team titles.  These two men hate each other and they cannot wait until November 10th when they get the chance to go to war.

Match 3: Club Tropicana (Captain Sexsea & Aiden) W/ Jose Idol vs Lads From The Flats (Paddy & Workie)

Photo: OTT

So the Lads from the Flats stole Jose’s wallet, because that’s what you do when you’re from the flats.  And now Club Tropicana want redemption for Jose.  Beside the storyline, this match is a bit of a dream clash for OTT fans.  When the LFTF were gone for a year, Tropicana took over as the fun babyfaces of the division, but now that they are back we can see the two teams meet in an OTT ring.  Both teams are well liked by the OTT faithful and this could either be the funniest match of the year or else it will be Tropicana’s coming out party as a top tag team.  Whatever happens, most fans are just extremely happy to see the Lads back and tearing it up in the tag team division once again.

Match 4: Scotty Davis vs Tyler Bate

Photo: OTT

Scotty Davis has had a great 2018 which has seen him make his mark over in the UK and seize the opportunity to share the ring with great talents like Bate here in OTT.  Davis is now in a position which Bate found himself in just two years ago as he is a highly touted prospect whom everyone sees big things in.  The B I G S T R O N G B O I takes on the supreme suplex machine as these two could mesh very well and produce a great match.

Match 5: Deathmatch: Jimmy Havoc vs Angel Cruz

Photo: OTT

Angel Cruz has always been crazy – the man has pulled various weapons from under that OTT ring including a Chainsaw, an elf and an ax among other things.  While he is crazy, this is his first foray into the world of 1 v 1 deathmatches and his opponent is no slouch.  The King of Goths, winner of the 2017 Tournament Of Death and one of the most sadistic men to ever enter a British Wrestling ring, Jimmy F**king Havoc.  Things changed quickly after Cruz recruited Havoc as his mystery partner at the Fourth Year Anniversary, as a bit of miscommunication caused Cruz to hit Havoc with a light tube.  Havoc didn’t take kindly to this and laid Cruz out and got his revenge by smashing a tube over Cruz’s back.  These two don’t like one another, they don’t care what they do to their own body, they don’t care what they do to their opponent’s body this will be one of the most violent matches in OTT history.

Match 6: Trent Seven vs Dan Barry

Photo: OTT

Trent Seven is usually the fan favorite every time he steps into an OTT ring.  His brand of comedy mixed with some hard-hitting action mixes well with the OTT fan base.  This time however, he steps into the ring with cult favorite Dan Barry.  Dan Barry walked into A Haven For Monsters as an unknown to the OTT fans but by the time his match finished the crowd were chanting his name, because Dan fits into a lot of funny chants, and both he and the fans had a great time.  Ever since he has been one of the most requested performers by fans who have wanted him back for months now.  The crowd will love this one, the performers will love the environment and this is going to be a really fun match.

Match 7: OTT Women’s Championship- (C) Raven Creed vs Lana Austin

Photo: OTT

Defiant 2 saw OTT turn Raven Creed into a star.  She walked in that night with one goal, to dethrone Sammii Jayne, Jayne delivered her usual amazing performance as the two had a masterpiece of a match as it built to the moment Creed got the win and the crowd blew the roof of the Tivoli for one of the last times.  In one night, Creed replaces Session Moth Martina as the biggest face in the women’s division and now she has two defenses lined up against imports.  Lana Austin currently holds three titles, as she is Grand Pro Wrestling women’s and Tag Team champion and Pro Evolution Women’s Champion.  To add the OTT title to her list of accolades, she will have to pry it from Creed’s cold dead hands.

Match 8: Jordan Devlin & David Starr vs Ringkampf (WALTER & Timothy Thatcher)

Photo: OTT

Originally scheduled to have Will Ospreay team with Devlin, this match was changed due to Ospreay’s current injury.  What we get instead of a dream tag team is a tag team match steeped in history.  David Starr has subbed in to team with his best friend Devlin and gets another chance to finally topple WALTER.  There are three certainties in life – Death, taxes and WALTER beating Starr.  Devlin and the OTT fans have learned what Starr has known for a long time – WALTER is unstoppable!  Devlin’s near two year long unbeaten run was ended when he tapped out to WALTER and was then defeated for his prized OTT Championship by WALTER.  The last time Starr and Devlin faced WALTER, they came to the ring to “We Belong” by Pat Benotar and were more interested in having fun than taking the match seriously.  This time they not only do they face a WALTER that is hitting his peak they also have his regular partner Thatcher instead of Low Ki.  Can Devlin and Starr finally overcome WALTER? Can Devlin prove that WALTER is stoppable? If Devlin fails who is left?

The return of Dan Barry, tonnes of Irish Talent in exciting matches, That main event! And OTT will officially be announcing the date of PAC’s debut, so much reason to be excited for OTT fans as one of 2018’s best promotions looks to end the year on a high note.

Photo: OTT


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