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Bullet Club OG Expands After Shocking Turn of Events

Less than an hour after Bad Luck Fale announced that Australian indie star Robbie Eagles would be joining Bullet Club OG as the new tag team partner for Taiji Ishimori, a huge turn of events following the Jay White vs Hiroshi Tanahashi has increased Bullet Club OG’s ranks even further. After Tanahashi held on to defeat Jay White and retain his Wrestle Kingdom main event briefcase, Jay White began to attack Tanahashi post-match, only to have Kazuchika Okada enter the ring to save “The Ace”.

After chasing White from the ring, Okada went to attack White’s handler, his own former manager Gedo, but Gedo’s long time tag partner, Jado, came down to protect Okada and tried to play peace maker. But as tensions were bubbling, Bullet Club OG came down and circled the ring, before coming in and pointing at Okada. They quickly grabbed Gedo and Jado as if to present an offering to Okada in a show faith to recruit the former IWGP Heavyweight Champion himself. But it was all a ruse, as Tama Tonga was quick to strike Okada.

After laying out Okada, Tonga and the rest of Bullet Club called “Switchblade” Jay White back into the ring, where White delivered a Blade Runner to the CHAOS leader. Following the continued attack, all three men – White, Gedo and Jado – joined the Bullet Club OG in their Firing Squad salute, the “Too Sweet” upside down, and hugged as they joined forces.


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