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New Plans? Aero Star Could Be Out Of AAA


Today, former AAA World Tag Team Champion Aero Star gave us hints on a possible exit from AAA. The last seed planted by legendary luchador Abismo Negro, Aero Star might look to follow the steps of fellow luchadores Flamita, Bandido and Puma King.

A Promising Figure in AAA Worldwide

Aero Star, trained with Abismo Negro and Gran Apache, was one of the most promising stars in AAA Worldwide in the late 2000s. He started wrestling in various indies in Mexico before landing on AAA’s radar in 2003. The former CHIKARA Campeones de Tercias wowed everybody with his insane acrobatics and topes. He won the Llave de Oro tournament in 2008 (which is basically the pass to the major leagues in Mexico) in AAA Worldwide, and later in 2010 won La Copa Antonio Peña. Later in 2011, he travelled to NOAH to face guys like Zack Sabre Jr., Go Shiozaki, among others.

The big explosion of Aero Star came with the first season of El Rey Network’s Lucha Underground. With LU, he gathered a huge fan base and alongside Pentagon Jr., Drago & Rey Fenix, they became a hot act in the United States independent wrestling scene. Aero Star started to do appearances in Pro Wrestling Guerrilla (PWG), CHIKARA & All American Wrestling (AAW). Aero brings an element of insanity and ferocity on every match.


Recently, the human highlight reel in LU has been getting less exposure in AAA Worldwide than before. The 33 year old is stuck in the tag team division, with very few meaningful wins. Last year, Aero Star was invited to IMPACT Wrestling tapings in Orlando alongside Hijo del Fantasma, Drago and other luchadores. Aero Star tasted what the US wrestling scene had to offer, which at the time was as solid as it is today.

Star posted underneath a LU tweet some of his frustrations with his home company AAA:

In the last statement, Aero Star repeats his English tweet and notes, again, that he doesn’t want to be let stuck or held back. He also adds that many colleagues praise his work and know his talent and that he is working hard to get new opportunities.

The New Talents From Mexico in the US

Recently we highlighted the recent boom of new Mexican wrestlers in the US. Bandido specially has proved that he is one of the best next big luchadores from the oldest wrestling territory in the world. Moreover, former CMLL preliminary wrestler Puma King has gather attention from US fans with his latest act with PWG BOLA. Even Hechicero is getting a break in PWG in their upcoming show. Aero Star could be one of the next luchadores to make the transitions from Mexico to primarily working the US indie scene. With his insane talent and age, this seems to be the moment for Aero Star breakout outside his home country.


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