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Marko Stunt Added to PWG Battle of Los Angeles 2018

With just days to go before this year’s instalment of the Pro Wrestling Guerrilla (PWG)‘s annual Battle of Los Angeles (BOLA) tournament, the field seemed set for PWG’s most international tournament yet, with a lot of amazing talent who are on the verge of exploding on the global indie scene. Yesterday, however, PWG BOLA suffered a huge hit when British star Chris Brookes had to withdraw from this weekend’s events, including the BOLA tournament itself, due to an injury.

Marko Stunt Added to PWG BOLA 2018

But it wouldn’t take long for PWG to announce Brookes’ replacement. Within moments, they announced that taking Chris Brookes’ spot in this year’s BOLA would be current indie sensation Marko Stunt, who has quickly become the talk of the town in the past several weeks.

Following a breakout moment at Joey Janela’s Lost in New York with KTB (Kyle The Beast), then an appearance at All In two weeks ago, the wrestling world was suddenly infatuated with the young grappler who had been turning heads around the Southern indie scene. Prior to his BOLA announcement, he’d also been announced with debuts for Wrestling Revolver, PCW ULTRA and more, including a return to Game Changer Wrestling (GCW) later this month.

We spoke to Marko Stunt today about his crazy past few weeks and when he found out about BOLA.

So when did you get the call to replace Chris Brookes?

I got the cal last night. Everything was just real fast! I hate that Brookes won’t be able to attend, but I hope I can live up to what he would have brought.

Your stock has risen so many times the past month, with Joey Janela’s Lost in New York, then the All In announcement, then All In itself, and now you’re going to your first BOLA. Safe to say 2018 has been a dream year?

I’d say even more than a dream year. It’s been absolutely unreal. From Mississippi to All In to BOLA, I don’t think I could’ve even dreamed it happening like this!

How was your experience with All In? Any fun tales to tell?

I absolutely loved All In and I hope there will be a second! Everything from getting to work with so many big names, and just getting to hangout with fans and friends is what did it for me I think. Walking out on the stage though, was probably the most surreal thing that’s happened so far. I don’t know if I can even describe that feeling.


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