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Preview: AAA TripleMania XXVI (8/25/18)

Mexico’s AAA will have their largest event of the year this upcoming Friday in Mexico City, TripleMania XXVI. The main event features a Fatal Four way Steel Cage Poker de Ases match, with loser forfeiting their mask. The show will feature names like Psycho Clown, LA Park, Pentagon Jr., Rey Fenix, AAA Mega Champion Jeff Jarret, among others.

Photo: AAA

While the main event has everyone’s eyes on it, other matches in the card are equally interesting. Jeff Jarret, who won the AAA Mega Championship back at Verano de Escándalo, will now have to defend AAA’s main title against three other superstars. The returning Rey Fenix, IMPACT Wrestling‘s X Division Champion Brian Cage and former WWE Cruiserweight Champion Rich Swann will look to end the former owner of IMPACT Wrestling’s reign.

A notable name missing from the card is Alberto el Patron. The son of Dos Caras was heavily promoted in the upcoming months of the event. But, as we found out through a press release, Alberto’s return to AAA won’t happen in the near time. 

The show is set to start at 7:30 pm (pre-show) and 8:30 pm (show) on Twitch, with Vampiro and Matt Striker serving as the English announcers. The pre-show will feature young talents through their famous Llave de Gloria match. Plus, Australian Suicide will defend the AAA Cruiserweight Championship against nine other wrestlers.

Here’s a rundown of all the matches and their impact in the main-card.

1. #1 Contenders for the AAA World Tag Team Championships, Four Way Ladder Match: Aero Star & Drago vs Laredo Kid & Golden Magic vs Bandido & Flamita vs DJZ & Andrew Everett

The opener will be a crowd pleaser for sure. The most talented and exciting talents in Mexico take the stage for a shot at the AAA World Tag Team titles. Aero Star & Drago are regulars in the company and former AAA Tag Team champions – Drago is returning from an injury. The ELITE regulars Laredo Kid & Golden Magic recently appeared in the company and will make thing exiting. Bandido & Flamita are red hot in the US indie scene and are The Crash Tag Team Champions, adding some spice to the match. Finally, DJZ & Andrew Everett from IMPACT Wrestling are the X Factors in the match, with both having great experience in this kind of matches. The Ladder match will bring us bodies flying everywhere and a hot start for the show for sure.

2. AAA Mixed Tag Team Championships: Niño Hamburguesa & Big Mami (c) vs Dinastia & Lady Maravilla vs Hijo del Vikingo & Vanilla vs Angelikal & La Hiedra

This match doesn’t seem interesting, but it has some gems to look for. Hijo de Vikingo has been getting more exposure since the new leadership in AAA.  Vanilla, his partner, is the Puerto Rico’s best prospect in the women’s division. Angelikal & La Hiedra are promising stars too, with Hiedra barely being 21 years old. Big Mami & Niño Hamburguesa are currently in a 400 plus-day reign, with the title only being defended in just two occasions. Dinastia is a former Mini’s Champion and alongside Lady Maravilla they could present a surprise element in the match.

3. Máximo, Pimpinela Escarlata & Mamba vs. Poder del Norte (Mocho Cota Jr., Tito Santana II & Carta Brava Jr.) vs. Hijo de LA Park, Puma King & Taurus 

Photo: AAA

In one side, you have the Exótico Team of Pimpinela, former CMLL World Heavyweight Champion Máximo-Sexy and Mamba. On the other side, the 2x AAA Trios Champion Nuevo Poder del Norte, who lately, have been feuding with the OGT. And finally, ELITE Lucha Libre’s team with Hijo de LA Park, Taurus and the former CMLL wrestler and exciting youngster Puma King. Poder del Norte will not defend the championships in this match. The ELITE will act here as the team to beat.

4. Los OGT’s (Averno, Chessman & Super Fly) vs. MAD (Juventud Guerrera, Jack Evans & Teddy Hart)

Photo: AAA

The MAD faction has been running wild in AAA ever since their return. Juventud Guerrera and the returning Jack Evans & Teddy Hart will look to keep the hype going against the veteran team of Los OGT. The Canadians have a rich history in AAA as The Hart Foundation 2.0 and being part of hot angles in the past like La Legion Extranjera. The former Trios Champions (Chessman & Averno) will look to stop the advance of MAD in a Lumberjack Match.

5. Street Fight: Joe Líder, Murder Clown & Pagano vs. El Texano Jr., Rey Escorpión & La Máscara 

The newly formed Los Mercenarios – and off-shoot of the famous Ingobernables faction in Mexico – will look to create chaos in AAA’s main show. Texano Jr., Rey Escorpión & La Máscara quickly aligned themselves with the MAD group in AAA and represents instability for regulars like Joe Lider, Murder Clown and the hardcore wrestler Pagano. The match spells mayhem everywhere.

6. Hair vs. Hair: Lady Shani vs. Faby Apache

Photo: AAA

One of the two Lucha de Apuestas match in TripleMania. Faby Apache, AAA Reina de Reinas champion is a 20 year veteran that has done it all in the world of Lucha Libre. In the other corner, rising star in Mexico, Lady Shani, who previously was the champion, is making things uncomfortable for the champion. Apache, feeling threatened an with the help of Taurus, has attacked Shani on various occasions when she gets the upper hand. In one occasion, Faby took Shani’s mask illegally. At TripleMania XXVI, the games end for Apache when she has to put her hair on the line against Lady Shani’s mask.

7. AAA Mega Championship: Jeff Jarrett (c) vs. Rey Fenix vs. Brain Cage vs. Rich Swann 

Photo: AAA

MAD’s Jeff Jarret has a big task on hand, when he goes up against three of the best wrestlers that the wrestling world can offer. Rey Fenix has comeback to AAA and he dreams of winning the AAA Mega Championship that has always eluded him. Fenix won the opportunity when he defeated Bandido and Flamita in a triple threat match. Dorian Roldan then brought to the bout a representative of IMPACT Wrestling and another one from Lucha Underground. Brian Cage (LU) has had a outstanding year. He is the IMPACT Wrestling X-Division Champion and has really become key part of IMPACT Wrestling’s rise with the new management. Rich Swann is putting a sequence of good matches and great appearances since exiting WWE. IMPACT Wrestling gave him a boost of confidence and his appearance in TripleMania for AAA’s main title proves that Swann is laser-focus in his career.

8. Poker de Ases (Lucha de Apuestas): Psycho Clown vs. Hijo del Fantasma vs. LA Park vs. Pentagon Jr. 

Photo: AAA

The main event of the evening. A Fatal Four-Way Steel Cage Match. The rules are the following:

1. Four wrestlers are in the cage

2. They battle it out and two wrestlers have to escape first.

3. The remaining wrestlers will fight to end, until someone gets a pin or a submission.

4. The wrestlers that gets pin or submitted looses his mask.

The wrestlers in the match are all great. Pentagon Jr. returns after an epic journey through Mexico, the US and Europe, were he became an all-time favorite of indie wrestling fans. Pentagon has really evolved since leaving AAA, winning the IMPACT World Heavyweight Championship, the PWG Tag Team Championships (w/ Fenix), the All American Wrestling (AAW) Heritage Championship, PCW ULTRA Heavyweight Championship, the LU Championship, among others. He puts his mask on the line for a second time in months, having recently putting it on the line against Sami Callihan at IMPACT Slammiversary XVI.

LA Park has had a resurgence since becoming more available for CMLL and AAA. His feud with Rush has given him a great deal of exposure, now going to places like Major League Wrestling (MLW) and even Puerto Rico. The original Parka has proven to be money, employing a Bruiser Brody wrestling style that makes any wrestling fan fall in love. In AAA, LA Park add prestige to the main event and a good gate.

Hijo del Fantasma, or as he wants to be called now, A Lone Wolf, has joined the dark side. Mercenarios leader and aligned with MAD, the always exiting Hijo del Fantasma is becoming an important figure in Mexico. Since leaving CMLL, the AAA Latin American Champion is everywhere. In Lucha Underground, he is one of our favorites as King Cuerno and he really showed his ability live on IMPACT Wrestling.

Finally, Psycho Clown. By now, you should now that the son of Brazo de Plata is AAA’s ace. He won last year’s TripleMania main event Lucha de Apuestas against the legend, Dr. Wagner Jr.  He remains as a favorite by everybody and is only becoming better by each passing day in AAA Worldwide. Psycho Clown is the favorite to win it all in TripleMania XXVI and repeat as AAA most powerful wrestler.


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