La Anexión: Meet the Puerto Rican Stable Invading MLA

Mucha Lucha Atlanta (MLA) is a wrestling project that has gain wide recognition in Norcross, Georgia, bringing elements from the Mexican wrestling style and tradition to the US. Their shows are usually packed, ranging from 800 to almost 3,000 fans, and having many renowned Mexican stars like El Toro Blanco Rush, Pentgon Jr., Rey Fenix, Caristico, Dr. Wagner, among others.

Recently, the company has slowly been bringing Puerto Rican stars into the equation. Wrestlers like WWE Superstar Lince Dorado, former World Wrestling League (WWL) Heavyweight Champion Mecha Wolf 450, Lucha Underground star Mil Muertes and the always exiting Serpentico are among the Puerto Rican talents that keep MLA up and running.

In their last show, MLA 16, the lines between Puerto Rican and Mexican wrestling were crossed, when Puerto Rican wrestlers Mecha Wolf 450, Serpentico, Mike Mendoza and Cuervo started a vicious attacked against Mexican wrestlers that almost cause a riot. Serpentico and Mecha Wolf are both regulars to MLA, with 450 being a former MLA Heavyweight Champion before losing it to Rush. Mike Mendoza and Cuervo were two surprises brought by MLA Businessman Ricardo Ordaz that started an all-out attack against former AAA Mega Champion Rey Wagner and Pagano.

The Puerto Rican group started an assault that involved weapons and blood. Fans started throwing cups, beer, water and even food to the ring. Mecha Wolf took the mic later and said, “Mike Mendoza, Cuervo, Serpentico, the last of his kind and of course, the boss Ricardo Ordaz, came here because we are now in command of everything because the Mexicans will never, NEVER, be better than a Puerto Rican.”

Later in the week, Ricardo Ordaz named the Puerto Rican Stable as La Anexión (The Annexation). Mike Mendoza wrote about the formation of the Puerto Rican super group, “The Annexation is a generally violent process by which one state or country seizes another. Destroying, transferring or integrating part of its institutions. Now if the elites like the Penta 0M, Rey Fenix, Rey Misterio Jr, Alberto El Patron, even the ones who call themselves the bastards LA PARK or Rush, let them come. In MLA, there is something to receive. But wait your turn and make a line, because for now there are pending accounts to be dealt with.”

Here’s a profile of the members of the stable:

Photo: Speedy’s Productions

Mecha Wolf 450 – Arguably the best wrestler that Puerto Rico has to offer. Mecha Wolf is a two-time World Wrestling Council (WWC) Universal Champion and the current WWL Heavyweight Champion, as well as being a former MLA Heavyweight Champion. He wrestles regularly for The Crash Lucha Libre, WWL, WrestleCircus and Pro Wrestling 2.0, were he’s a trainer. Mecha Wolf has wrestled in Japan, Mexico, Chile, Australia and has participated in NXT and on 205 Live, were he tore his knee. Mecha Wolf combines hard hitting strikes with aerial tactics which lets him mix with any wrestle that you put in front of him. He is also part of The Crash stable La Rebelión Amarilla alongside Garza Jr. and Bestia 666.

Serpentico – Also known as Jon Cruz, is a 10-year veteran from Puerto Rico that resides in the United States. Cruz has wrestled everywhere in the US and recently has gain more recognition in companies like Major League Wrestling, Ring of Honor, Impact Wrestling and other wrestling companies. Cruz is best friends with Mecha Wolf 450, Lince Dorado and Oráculo, and together they were known as the Lucha World Order. Cruz wrestles primarily an highflying style that is always exiting no matter what the setting is.

Photo: WWC

Mike Mendoza – The most promising star from Puerto Rico. Since 2017, Mendoza has been making headlines in Puerto Rico. The grandson of Salvadorian wrestling legend El Vickingo, Mendoza is a two-time Puerto Rican Champion and a multiple times WWC World Tag Team Champion. Mendoza is a expert in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and a former freestyle wrestler, which gives his wrestling ability a touch of legitimacy. Mendoza has recently expanded in the states being a regular in Ohio and now in Georgia and is on the radar for many wrestling promotions that is looking for the next big thing of Puerto Rico. 

Cuervo – Known as The Most Extreme, Cuervo is a 5-time WWC World Tag Team Champion, four times alongside Mike Mendoza. Cuervo loves to mix highflying and extreme rules match, even recently wrestling in Mexican Deathmatch wrestling promotion Desastre Ultra Violento (DTU). Cuervo is the most violent of the four and will prove to be the x-factor of La Anexión.