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Pentagon Jr. Makes His Suprise Debut in CMLL

Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (CMLL) is on a hot run right now and yesterday, Pentagon Jr. proved that. After the debuts and returns of LA Park, Cibernetico, Zorro, Hijo de LA Park and Rey Fenix, another world class talent appeared in the historic Arena Mexico.

Surprise and vicious attack to Caristico 

CMLL’s main event featured El Klan Kaoz of Cibernetico (now Ciber the Main Man), Zorro (now called the The Chrizh) & Charly Rockstar against Caristico, Volador Jr. & Valiente  Friday night.

In the closing moments of the match, when Caristico was heat-to-head with Ciber the Main Man, Penta Zero M appeared in the ramp and quickly attacked the former WWE superstar (Caristico was the original Sin Cara).

The crowd was as euphoric as they were when Rey Fenix debuted in Arena Mexico. Penta exchanged moves with Caristico and took down CMLL’s top face with a slingblade and proceeded to rip Caristico’s mask. After the attack, Klan Kaoz and even Caristico’s tag team partner Volador Jr. attacked him while he was covering part of his face.

Penta and Caristico went at it again after everybody left, with neither of them really getting the upper hand. They later were separated by CMLL officials.

The Lucha Brother road to CMLL

Last year, thinking that the Lucha Brothers (Penta & Fenix) were going to wrestle for AAA and CMLL was almost impossible. Rey Fenix and Pentagon Jr. originally trained by CMLL, but left when they found out how long it would take to climb the ladder in the company.

They also had a bad fallout with AAA, with the latter making their indie pursuit very difficult. AAA was always threating the brothers with lawsuits and legal letters to anybody who use their names – AAA had the trademark – and even going as far to sabotage The Crash Lucha Libre shows that were near the Aguas Calientes region in Mexico.

The Lucha Brothers worked mostly top independent companies in every corner in the world except for Japan and Puerto Rico. They became champions in All America Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, PCW Ultra, Impact Wrestling, Major League Wrestling and even in Ecuador for the company WAR.

In Mexico, they remained loyal to The Crash Lucha Libre, which was in part thanks to Konnan who really elevated the company to the number three spot in Mexico’s best wrestling companies.

But, recently, the were rumors about Konnan joining AAA and that it would lead to a influx of talent. It became true, with Pentagon Jr. appearing in AAA Worldwide‘s press conference as on of the four man to put their mask on the line in TripleMania. Rey Fenix appeared at the ending of Verano de Escandalo last month.

In CMLL, it was Fenix who first made the surprise appearance in CMLL Informa. The company later pair him with Mistico and Caristico and quickly became the favorite. Previously in the video of Fenix officially announcing his debut in CMLL, he said that he wasn’t coming alone implying that a Rebelión was coming – La Rebelion was the group of Fenix, Penta, Rey Mysterio and other wrestlers in The Crash Lucha Libre – which meant that Pentagon Jr. was next.

With last night surprise appearance by Pentagon Jr. the Lucha Brother’s long awaited arrival in CMLL is completed. They are not officially signed, instead they work as independent contractors by dates.

What are the Dream Matches? 

Rey Fenix already had a wonderful match with Barbaro Cavernario yesterday in Arena Mexico, which Fenix won by 2 out of three falls. For Pentagon Jr., he already, before joining CMLL, was teasing a feud with Dragon Lee and his family – Rush and Mistico. Also, last night actions will lead us the believe that he is having a big match with Caristico along the line. Volador Jr., Mistico, Ultimo Guerrero and even with Los Nuevos Dinamitas are other big matches that CMLL could do.


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