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Infamous Inc. Gains Three Members (Loses One)

This past Wednesday on Lucha Underground saw Famous B‘s Infamous Incorporated roster of “clients” expand by three new members for the super agent to the stars, when two of Mexican clients, Dr. Wagner Jr. and Texano Jr., were unable to make it for a trios match against Lucha Underground Trios Champions Killshot, Willie Mack and Son of Havoc (the latter replaced Dante Fox, who so far hasn’t appeared on this season). Famous B announced he’s signed three more clients to Infamous Inc., revealing them to be Big Bad Steve, Sammy Guevara and “Savage” Jake Strong. Following the new trios loss, Strong turned on his partners and ultimately his new agent, departing the squad as quickly as he’d joined. Here’s a look at the three new additions to the Lucha Underground roster.


Photo: Lucha Underground / El Rey Network

The most recognizable of the three, Jake Strong is former WWE World Champion Jack Swagger. As Jake Strong, Swagger presents a new fiercer character than he was allowed in the WWE, and with his size advantage on a predominantly smaller class of luchadores, Swagger came across as a monster brute.


While he may be a new character in the Lucha Underground universe, you’ve actually seen this wrestler before on the show. Under a reptilian mask, he’s also a member of the Snake Tribe, as the mysterious Pindar, a former Trios Champion himself. A 15-year veteran of the industry, he’s more known on the independent scene as Steve Pain, where he’s predominantly worked in Mexico the past several years, with AAA, The Crash, and other Mexican indies.

Photo: Lucha Underground / El Rey Network


Also making his Lucha Underground debut was 24-year old indie sensation Sammy Guevara, who in the past year has astonished audiences in PWG, Major League Wrestling (MLW), EVOLVE, WrestleCircus and more. He’s also expected to be a major player in the new Aro Lucha promotion and last year participated in Impact Wrestling’s Super X Cup.


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