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Dutch Mantell Returns to WWC Television with Jack Swagger

A legendary figure in Puerto Rican wrestling history, Dutch Mantell, appeared on World Wrestling Council‘s Saturday television show, Superestrellas de la Lucha Libre, were he announce that he was coming in Aniversario 45 to Puerto Rico.

Mantel will join El Sindicato

Mantell quickly aligned himself with the heel stable in WWC, El Sindicato, joining former 90s ally Ray Gonzalez in a quest to exterminate former WWE Superstar Carlito. Mantell told the viewers the following: “Hello everybody in Puerto Rico, it has been a long time. I got a call from a good friend of mine, Ray Gonzalez. He asked if I had anybody on mind that could take Carlito in Aniversario 45.” In the latter part of the show, he announced that Jake Hager, the wrestler formerly known as Jack Swagger, will take Carlito in Aniversario 45, whom he managed as Zeb Coulter in the WWE.

The History of Mantel in Puerto Rico

Dutch Mantell has a rich history in the Caribbean. In the 80s, he was part of a famous tag team of Los Vaqueros Locos (The Wild Cowboys). They were one of the most hated heels in the island, with Mantel barely been able to go outside of his hotel room because of the fear that fans could kill him.

Mantell rose to prominence in the island, winning the WWC North American Tag Team Championships in four occasions. He later would become booker in the late 90s for WWC, were he developed stars like Ray Gonzalez and had infamous angles with the late Eddie Gilbert. Mantell hen joined the rising International Wrestling Association as booker, which would lead to a booming period to the company in the mid-2000s.

Why is this happening?

WWC has fallen to the number three spot in the Puerto Rican wrestling rankings. Companies like World Wrestling League and Championship Wrestling Association are offering a much fresher product with the fans in the island supporting them more than the oldest company in the island and in the Caribbean. WWC is looking to fill three different arenas (big venues) for their Aniversario weekend – which is their WrestleMania equivalent – on July 13, 14 and 15. The company canceled their last show because of poor attendance and their La Hora de la Verdad event for today looks to continue that path. The Mantell return and Jack Swagger announcement is a boost to see if they can fill those three dates and get back to their number one spot.


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