Smash Wrestling Crowns New Champions

Last night Smash Wrestling hosted their sixth installment of Any Given Sunday.  We the fans were given an experience that included many moments that will be remembered for quite some time.  We witnessed Sebastian Suave and Tarik destroy each other with thundering chops that could be heard from outside the venue.  We were given Kevin Bennett against Mark Haskins in a match that had people on their feet almost from bell to bell.  Not to be outdone Matt Riddle and Brent Banks then put on a classic that could be an early contender for match of the year.

Photo: Smash Wrestling

We could talk at great length about what happened in the first six matches of the night.  All six were action packed and had the crowd invested in the show, but it was the final two matches of the night that made the event go from great to amazing.

First up we saw Tyson Dux (c) taking on Frankie TM for the Smash Heavyweight championship for the second time in recent months.  This title match would be much different than the first.  These two competitors beat up on each other and traded near falls.  It was when Dux had Frankie ready to tap that the plans of Frankie soon became clear.  The team of Stu Grayson and Evil Uno, the Super Smash Bros.,  came out of the curtain distracting all of the security personnel, Smash management, and the referee.  A returning Vanessa Kraven entered the ring through the crowd and laid out Dux allowing Frankie TM to win and become the new Smash Heavyweight champion.  All four members of this absolutely monster faction then posed at the top of the entrance way with the belt leaving Dux, the longest reigning Smash champion, bloodied in the ring and defeated.

Dux now moves onto a tag team opportunity which sees him tagging with Brent Banks to take on Suave and Tarik with the winner being granted entry into the F8ful Eight tournament at the end of February.  Frankie will get ready for his first title defense which has yet to be announced.

With all these amazing matches we still had the tag team ladder match to crown the first-ever Smash Wrestling tag team champions.  This match saw the team of Mathieu St-Jacques and Thomas Dubois, Tabernak de Team, taking on the team of Mike Rollins and Braxton Sutter, Well Oiled Machines.  This match reset that bar from earlier in the night and is the new early front-runner for match of the year.  Ladders, tables, and chairs were brought in the ring and used often leaving all four competitors with many bumps and bruises.  Some of the highlights included Dubois performing a moonsault off the top rope while holding a ladder to strike his opponents on the floor, and St-Jaques while at the top of the ladder being toppled over only to fall into Dubois and through a table to the floor.

It was the latter move that allowed Sutter and Rollins the opportunity to climb the ladders and become the new and first ever Smash Wrestling tag team champions.  The Well Oiled Machines are next scheduled to face the team of Kevin Blackwood and Scotty O’Shea, Kill/Screen, in London next week which could very well be their first tag team title defense.  They will also need to keep an eye on the F8ful Eight tag team tournament as it’s likely they will be defending against some of those teams in the near future if they retain.


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