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Keith Lee – Be More Every Day

Keith Lee is one of the breakout stars of 2017. He had attracted attention with some of the best matches of this year when he faced Donovan Dijak and Tomohiro Ishii. Here’s a look into Keith’s 2017, his path to Pro Wrestling and a look into a possible ring breaking 2018.

Keith Lee: Limitless

Keith Lee is one of the most agile men for his size in the business today. He is capable of doing topés, moonsaults, standing moonsaults and dropkicks, which makes him a unique performer, to say the least. His wrestling style combines hard-hitting moves and high flying, he is not the typical big man that you will find in wrestling. He got told in the beginning to wrestle the typical big man style, but Lee kept going on his path and became a very special addition to the wrestling scene.

Keith Lee: A Man on the Grind

The former powerlifter from Wichita Falls, Texas, was trained by “Killer” Tim Brooks. Lee also played college football. He has had two WWE tryouts before. Besides wrestling, he is into programming. His wrestling career began in local promotions in Texas in 2005. He wrestled for smaller companies until Ring of Honor got notice of him and started booking him in 2015. So the first decade of his career was spend grinding in smaller companies and evolving his style into something unique and something unmistakable. Keith Lee gained precious experience during these years and kept working for the success he now gets and rightfully deserves. But now, after 10 years of work, he got the break he deserves and the whole world now can…

Keith Lee in 2017: Bask in his Glory.

Keith Lee made his PWG debut at Nice Boys (Don’t Play Rock N’ Roll) in a losing effort against Brian Cage and Sami Callihan. His performance left the audience wanting more, which made him a regular performer for PWG in 2017. He reached the finals of the 2017 edition of BOLA in his first year for the company and showed he could put on great matches with the likes of Walter, Ricochet, Jeff Cobb or Rey Fenix. This variety of different opponents shows the capability of Lee to build a match accordingly to the condition of his rival. During his time in the Battle of Los Angeles, he had a 5 Star Match with Donovan Dijak, who was on his independent farewell tour and what better way to go out. 2017 was a year full of debuts for Mr. Lee: WCPW, PROGRESS, RevPro Uk, OTT, ICW, Fight Club: PRO and EVOLVE. In the last mentioned company, he won the WWN title in a grueling Last Man Standing match from Matt Riddle, which he looks to defend and retain in his matches in 2018. One of his first matches in RevPro Uk also deserves a closer look. During the 2-day Global Wars event, he faced Tomohiro Ishii on Night 1 of the show. This match got standing ovations by the time it was over, Ishii and Lee have great chemistry and timing together. This bout got mostly named when it comes to picking the best match of the two nights. This is a great accomplishment when you look at the names booked for the shows: Minoru Suzuki, Tetsuya Naito, Zack Sabre Jr., Marty Scurll, Hirooki Goto, etc. (DVD of the show)

Keith Lee in 2018: More Than the Year Before

“Be more than the day before” is the motto of Keith Lee, or in this case:”more than the year before.” 2018 could be the time for Keith Lee to win the big one. In 2017 he left his mark on the international scene. He is able to a carry a company on his shoulders and next year that might be the case. He is in his prime and ready for the next step, maybe even ready to being signed by a big company, who knows. In an interview earlier this year, he said that his goal is to wrestle in Japan. The only thing that is safe to say is: his 2018 is going to be more than 2017.


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