Preview: wXw 17th Anniversary (12/23/2017)

wXw concludes their 17th year as a company with the return of Zack Sabre Jr, RISE against UNBESIEGBAR and the establishment of new stars, with the wXw 17th Anniversary event, just before Christmas.

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Jay FK (Francis Kaspin & Jay Skillet) vs. Monster Consulting (Avalanche & Julian Nero)

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The Team of the former CERBERUS members Avalanche and Julian Nero vs the newcomer Francis Kaspin and his Tag Partner who returned from a longtime injury, Jay Skillet. Francis has improved quite a bit since his beginnings and is in good hands with the veteran Skillet. Avalanche ( Robert Dreissker) comes of an unsuccessful feud with Ilja Dragunov who is the number 1 Contender for the wXw World Championship. Nero´s new gimnick is a kind of personal developement coach which he pulls of well but does not quite connect to the audience yet, so a Tag Team with this powerhouse might get them both over as their styles are very different.

Prediction: Jay-FK

wXw Women’s Championship Tournament Finale: Session Moth Martina vs. Melanie Gray

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This match will determine the first ever wXw Women’s champion, so the winner of this match will make history. Melanie Gray has been the only woman working constantly for wXw, that means she is the only woman that is a regular part of the wXw roster. During the Tournament Melanie overcame all obstacles and worked her way to the final. Her opponent will be one of the most entertaining figures in the international women’s wrestling scene right now: the OTT women’s champion and OTT gender neutral champion, the Session Moth Martina. Straight from Dublin, she danced her way into the hearts of the wXw fans. Both women have earned their spot in this match. The international exposure would be way higher if Martina wins the title. The respect to Gray for being there since the beginning of female wrestling wXw would speak for her as the first champion. Either way this will be a history making match and both performers will try to deliver the best match possible.

Prediction: Melanie Gray becomes the NEW and first wXw Women’s Champion

David Starr vs Jurn Simmons

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The former wXw Unified World Heavyweight Champion Jurn Simmons really turned into a well groomed wrestler that knows what he is capable of. He still innovates himself and adds to his moveset ( e.g a Moonsault). He performed at OTT’s ScrapperMania III this year and showed his drive to perform internationally. Starr is currently on his way to build a match streak with WALTER, as they faced each other at 16 Carat Gold this year, then at the PROGRESS / wXw show in Londón, then at Beyond Wrestling. He has become a regular fly-in for wXw and works in Rev Pro on a regular basis too. His main activities are still in the US although he fulfilled a dream of his when he wrestled in Israel in the middle of this year.

Prediction: David Starr

Zack Sabre Jr. vs. Marius Al-Ani

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ZSJ returns to one of his home promotions in wXw to take on an greatly improved and beloved Marius Al-Ani. Al-Ani is wrestling in singles competition since he got attacked by his former A4 Teammate Absolute Andy during the WTTL 2017. His in-ring style combines elements of Power/Heavyweight moves and High-Flying. He is one one of the quickest wrestlers i’ve had the pleasure to witness live. Their styles should mix very well and it is a badge of honor for Al-Ani that wXw is giving him the opportunity to face Zack Sabre Jr. This match is an early Christmas gift to the wXw fans and the crowd will be eager to unwrap it and welcome the return of Suzuki-Gun member Zack Sabre Jr.

Prediction: Zack Sabre Jr.

wXw Tag Team Championship: RINGKAMPF (WALTER & Timothy Thatcher) (c) vs. The Young Lions (Lucky Kid & Tarkan Aslan)

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WALTER had a really special year. He made his debut for PWG ( and got booked multiple times now) , won the PROGRESS Atlas Title and performs in Main Events for EVOLVE (e.g vs Keith Lee at EVOLVE 96). He even got interviewed by Dave Meltzer and received a 5 Star rating by him for his Match against Zack Sabre Jr. from PWG All Star Weekend 13 Night 2. So wXw is blessed by having one of the best in their rows. His partner is the former EVOLVE Champion Timothy Thatcher, together they symbolize the embodiment of Strong, mat based, old school wrestling. Their opponents are the former wXw Tag Team Champions and RISE members Lucky Kid & Tarkan Aslan who try to capture the titles for a second time.

Prediction: RINGKAMPF retains

wXw Shotgun Championship: Ivan Kiev (c) vs Bobby Gunns

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Kiev is the the other remaining title holder in RISE. Bobby Gunns recently had a series of top matches against WALTER where he showed that he is ready for the next step in his career. He is one of the most charismatic heels in wXw right now and is beloved by the fans despite his gimmick. His promos are highly entertaining which can be seen in his own show, “The Smoking Break” (“die Raucherpause”). Gunns and Al-Ani are both guys to keep your eyes on in 2018, as they are ready for a break out and ready for a respective title run.

Prediction: and NEW wXw Shotgun Champion Bobby Gunns

wXw Unified World Heavyweight Championship: John “Bad Bones” Klinger (c) vs Ilja Dragunov

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The leader of RISE defeated Jurn Simmons to win the title and overcame all his challengers since. Even his former teammate Chris Colen, whom he beat at Broken Rules 2017 in Dresden. RISE is a bit shaken inside after RINGKAMPF ( WALTER & Timothy Thatcher) won the wXw Tag Team Titles from The Young Lions. Their newest team member is Da Mack who joined RISE during the World Tag League and helped Klinger to retain the title. His challenger is the 16 Carat Gold Winner who considers himself as UNBESIEGBAR after he returned from a career threatening injury (fractured skull) after 6 months in April 2014. wXw recently released Part 1 of a documentary on the person behind the Ilja Dragunov gimmick, it has been done with English subtitles and is really worth checking out. This should be a great Main Event as both men are experienced in working long and hard matches, flanked by a great Oberhausen crowd this one will be a worthy finish to the wXw year 2017. Ilja teamed with Colen and RINGKAMPF in the past to take on RISE, and the next cagematch is not too far away in the future…when it’s BACK TO THE ROOTS for wXw…

Prediction: John “Bad Bones” Klinger retains

wXw Hall of Fame Induction: Karsten Beck

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Beck had been sidelined from the ring numerous times when he got diagnosed with a career and life threatening illness. The second time came shortly before he wanted to announce his comeback. The so called “König der Catcher” is a former wXw World Heavyweight Champion and former 16 Carat Gold winner. Beck has been one of the cornerstones in wXw since 2006. Whether he tries to comeback into the ring again or continue his role as a backstage persona, I want to wish him all the best for his health and personal and professional future.


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