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WCPW Pro Wrestling World Cup Preview (8/26/2017)

This afternoon in North America (and at night in the home United Kingdom), months of lead up come to a close as WCPW’s Pro Wrestling World Cup has it’s grand finale, LIVE on YouTube, beginning with the Semi-Finals, followed by the finals match-up. It will air at 3pm EST (8pm UK) at you can watch here:

Photo: WCPW

NJPW’s KUSHIDA has been time and time again one of the best wrestlers of the year for the past few, and the 5x and current defending IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion won the Japan qualifiers, and then knocked off Scotland’s Kenny Williams and England’s Zack Sabre Jr. to advance to the semis. Joseph Conners is a former WCPW World Champion who’s also been an part of the WWE’s UK tournament and subsequent UK live events – he was actually a last minute replacement for the event, replacing Canada’s Michael Elgin at the start of the actual World Cup itself (post qualifiers) who beat Scotland’s Joe Coffey and Germany’s Lucky Kid to reach KUSHIDA in the semis.

Photo: WCPW

What more can be said about this pairing? They’ve routinely put on match of the year candidates for the past two years every time they step in the ring against each other. Will Ospreay beat Rey Mysterio Jr and Canada’s Mike “Speedball” Bailey to reach the semi finals to face his long time foe Ricochet, who beat South Africa’s Angelico and Mexico’s Pento El Zero M (aka Pentagon Jr) to face Ospreay once again.

Other matches on the card include:

  • Penta El Zero M vs Mike “Speedball” Bailey
  • Rampage vs El Ligero
  • Zack Sabre Jr vs Alex Gracie
  • WCPW World Champion Joe Hendry vs Jack Swagger


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