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PROGRESS Chapter 48 Part 2: A Serial Review

PROGRESS Chapter 48 Part.1: A Serial Review

PROGRESS Chapter 48 Part 2: A Serial Review

Bang The Drum

I am back for the second part of my Chapter 48 Review, I ended after the stellar Trent Seven vs Travis Banks match and will begin with the first match from the second half of the show.  All of course leading up to a MAJOR Debut and a huge title match, without further ado

Match 1: Nathan Cruz vs Spud in a Super Strong Style 16 Qualifier

Cruz not using The Origin entrance theme, Spud out to new music (BOOO we want Bon Jovi) to a decent reaction.  Match opens with Spud using quick offense to stay on top of Cruz, Cruz uses the ropes to gain the advantage, heat segment with Spud selling the eye and Cruz pandering to the crowd.  Cruz taunts by wearing Spud’s jacket, this allows Spud to fire up and lay into Cruz, Hurricanrana and a sucide dive from Spud leads to a reversed splash attempt as Cruz gets the knees up, Spud with a sunset flip for 2.  Spud selling the ribs from the failed splash cant hit his offence allowing Cruz to reverse a hurricanrana into a powerbomb and hits the Show Stolen 1……2…..NO SPUD OUT AT 2.  Cruz hit another Show Stolen and surely its over 1…..2…..NO SPUD KICKS OUT AGAIN. A TNA chants quickly gets shot down, biut wakes up the crowd and a reverse SHow Stolen pits Spud down for 3.

Nathan Cruz wins

Reaction: Its clear what they were going for with this match it was the match Jack Sexsmith would have had if he were on this card.  The problem is Spud isn’t over enough to get them done nearly as well as Sexsmith and his two kickouts at the end didn’t draw anywhere near the desired pop Rating: 3 out of 10 decent wrestling but no heat

Match 2: “BRO” Matt Riddle vs Tyler Bate

WWE UK champion vs WWN Champion only in 2017, only in PROGRESS.  Riddle is O V E R in Europe be it in the UK with PROGRESS or in Ireland with OTT he has people chanting for most of the match. Extended boo/yay sequence with the titles, Bate stalls while the crowd warns him that “your gonna get your fu**in’ head kicked in” Bate taking every cheap shot he can get but Riddle is too good and keeps getting back on top. Bate has a heat segment including lifting Riddle and swinging him like a pendulum to showcase his strength, Riddle comes back with knee strikes and a T-Bone suplex and a senton for 2, Bro-2-Sleep and a German 1….2…NO out at 2, Bate hits his insane rebound clothesline and a RUNNING SHOOTING STAR PRESS 1….2….NO.  Tylerdriver97 reversed into an armbar, Bate reverses with a powerbomb but Riddle locks in a guillotine choke, Bate lifts RIddle out into a suplex Riddle drops out the back and HITS A JUMPING TOMBSTONE 1…..2…….BATE KICKS OUT OS THE TOMBSTONE.  Fishhook suplex and BATE OUT AGAIN AT 2.  Bate reverses a senton into a sleeper hold.  Signature trade off here with German suplex reversals the BangnBop, and each mans usual signature shots, both men trade shots on their knees, they get up and Bate comes off the ropes and gets caught IN THE BROMISSION and here comes Seven

Matt Riddle winds by DQ

Reaction: Well wrestled match and really good as expected by these two men, Bate is so good even as a heel and he wrestled well as the annoying heel cheating at every chance and of course Riddle was awesome the finish makes sense as both men have since been announced for SSS16 where we may see a rematch. Rating: 6 out of 10

MAIN EVENT: Progress wrestling championship match (C) Pete Dunne vs Mark Andrews vs Mark Haskins

Haskins has also been made to get new music.  The PROGRESS crowd really hates Dunne This match kicks off at a mile a minute as all three men fly out the gate with Andrews getting an early cover attempt with a standing moonsault and Haskins attempting to lock in the sharpshooter, Haksins and Andrews with some nice grappling and showing animosity before Dunne sends Andrews into the crowd and hits a release ex-plex ONTO THE APRON to Haskins, Dunne takes control and works over Haskins, Haskins fires up and hits Dunne with some sick kicks, Andrews back in and all three look to take control.  Andrews tosses Haskins into Dunne and hits a Sliced Bread on Dunne who DDT’s Haskins, Haskins and Dunne with some grappling which sees them hit Dunne with 3 suicide Dives and Andrews hitting a senton to Haskins, A sharpshooter attempt allows Dunne back in and his attempted Pedigree is reversed by Haskins, both men try to get up and Andrews hits a moonsault pins both men for 2 counts. Dunne locks in a double Boston Crab, Andrews into an Octopus Haskins superkicks both men tepeatedly, the last kick rolls into an Andrews pin, Haskins picks up Dunne with his rollthrough into A DEATH VALLEY DRIVER ONTO ANDREWS, and then hits one on Andrews for 2.  All three trade kicks and forearms and a reverse-rana, Dunne is cleared from the ring and Andrews hits the Stundog Millionaire on Haskins, Dunne pulls Haskins out of the way of the Shooting Star Press and a Regal Stretch by Dunne, Haskins catches Dunne by the arm and avoids an SSP attempt by Andrews before getting both men in the submssion lock.  And here come Bate and Seven HASKINS TAKES THEM OUT WITH A SUICIDE DIVE and tries to hit the DVD again but Dunne hits him with a low blow, Bitter End to Andrews and a Pedigree for 1….2……3

Pete Dunne

Reactions: Well wrestled main event that did its job and was enjoyable as every man is over and a great wrestler Rating: 7 out of 10

 Post match Riddle runs in and gets laid out, Dunne cuts a promo claiming that everything is his and no one can stop him.  Suddenly strange music plays AND ITS KID LYKOS AND CHRIS BROOKES CCK IS HERE IN PROGRESS THEY TAKE OUT BRITISH STRONG STYLE AS THE ANNOUNCER AND CROWD GO ABSOLUTELY CRAZY.  The show closes with CCK triumphant

Show Review

Another great show from PROGRESS who are on an absolute roll, the debut of CCK was one of the best endings in PROGRESS history and all of the top matches performed with the Banks/Seven match being must watch.  The undercard was watchable and every match did its job in hyping up SSS16 which I for one cannot wait to see this year.  This show is more than worth the wait and continues the hot streak for one of the premier wrestling companies in the world.


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