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Xavier Gipson Can Have Moss-Like Impact on 2024 Jets

With his speed, and Aaron Rodgers at the helm, Xavier Gipson has an opportunity to breakout and have a Moss-like impact on the 2024 Jets, no not Randy, Santana.

Santana Moss was a weapon for the New York Jets after they drafted him in 2021. He was used primarily in the slot and as a returner. In four seasons in the green and white, he had 3,595 yards and 21 touchdowns. Gipson has an opportunity to have that kind of impact on the Jets in 2024.

Xavier Gipson Can Have Moss-Like Impact on 2024 Jets

Gipson can provide the Jets offense what both Mike Williams and Malachi Corley do best. He can be a vertical threat, and also be someone dangerous with the ball in his hands on short throws. Gipson fits perfectly into how Aaron Rodgers wants to play the game.

Throughout his career, Rodgers has been one of the best in the game at protecting the football. He’s the all-time leader with a career interception rate of 1.4%. He’s even gone as far as to avoid the middle of the field in recent years, just to limit the chances of interceptions, and he’s still thrived. That’s where Gipson comes in offensively. While many expect Allen Lazard to be WR4, Gipson might overtake him in camp, especially after last season. Having a depth piece like Gipson for Rodgers is crucial, specifically with Williams having injury issues.

New Kickoff Rule

There are two key rules to the kickoff that have major implications. First and foremost, the landing zone forces teams to keep the kickoff in play allowing for returns, and punitively impacts the defense if there’s a touchback in the air. This will create another play with excitement.

The second is the setup. The kicking team will line up on the 40-yard line, and the return team must line up a minimum of nine players in the “Setup Zone” (with seven players having a foot on the 35-yard line), and restrictions on how others may line up. Also, there are a maximum of two returners. Neither team can move until the ball is touched by a returner or hits the ground. This will allow a returner to build up steam and with the right blocking, create an exciting play.

Brant Boyer is one of the best special teams coaches in the league. Even though it’s new ground, based on his track record,  he will figure things out and draw up some plays to help the offense get in good field position. With the combination of Boyer and Xavier Gipson, the kickoffs will be exciting for the Jets, and give Gipson an opportunity to make a huge impact on the team.

Even if the Jets have a bad offensive series when Gipson flips the field, this could also put the defense in a situation where the opposing offense is in a bad position. This will allow the defense to play to its strengths as well. All in all, Gipson’s impact can be felt team-wide, and with this impact, he can solidify a future roster spot for years to come.

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