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AFC Contender Could Fire Legendary Head Coach After 2024 Season

One prominent NFL analyst believes that the Pittsburgh Steelers could fire longtime head coach Mike Tomlin at the end of the 2024 season.
Mike Tomlin Fire

The Pittsburgh Steelers have yet to record a losing season under head coach Mike Tomlin, but the team could still fire him following the 2024 season. The 2023 Steelers were not nearly as good as their record, as the team went 9-2 in one-score games, a result that is completely unsustainable over a large sample. Rumors swirled during the early stages of the offseason that Tomlin could leave the team voluntarily, but the head coach will return for his 17th – and possibly final – season with the Steelers.

During a recent episode of The Colin Cowherd Podcast, the NFL personality hinted that Pittsburgh could fire Mike Tomlin following the season, specifically pointing out the Steelers tough end to the schedule.

“Did you see the last six quarterbacks Pittsburgh face? Burrow, Deshaun Watson, Jalen Hurts, Lamar Jackson, Mahomes and Burrow (again). Mike Tomlin is going to be on network broadcasting.”

NFL Analyst Predicts Steelers Will Fire Mike Tomlin

Mike Tomlin might not be the Vince Lombardi of his generation, but it’s hard to think that the Steelers would fire him after just one bad season. Russell Wilson isn’t the player he used to be, but he’s still a sizable upgrade on the underwhelming trio of Kenny Pickett, Mitchell Trubisky, and Mason Rudolph. Unless this team ends up with a top-five pick, Tomlin will probably return in 2025.

Of course, this is all assuming that he wants to come back. Pittsburgh’s longtime head coach debated leaving the team in the offseason, with his uncertainty and contract frustrations spilling over into the media. Perhaps the Steelers won’t fire Mike Tomlin, but the two sides could agree to a mutual parting if the 2024 season goes sideways. If that happens, teams looking for head coaches in 2025 should have the one-time Super Bowl champion atop their wish list.

Possible Next Teams

New York Jets

Robert Saleh has led three straight seasons with 10 or more losses during his tenure as the Jets head coach. While the atrocious quarterback play certainly affected this record, he’ll have no excuse if he can’t win games with Aaron Rodgers. If Rodgers stays healthy and the Jets still can’t go on a deep postseason run, Saleh will probably end up looking for a new job. If and when that happens, the Jets should pursue Mike Tomlin if the Steelers fire him. It takes a special type of coach to deal with the media circus that is Aaron Rodgers in New York, and Tomlin has already proved he can weather any off-field storm.

New Orleans Saints

The Saints refuse to rebuild, which implies the organization believes it can win with Derek Carr under center. If they can’t, Dennis Allen will likely fall on the sword. Allen has done an unremarkable job during his second stint as a head coach, and this team must reach the playoffs if the former Raiders head coach wants to keep his job. The Saints love experienced coaches and could target Mike Tomlin if the Steelers fire him.

New York Giants

Making the playoffs in 2022 might be the worst thing to happen to the New York Giants. Now married to Daniel Jones and his massive contract for at least one more season, the former first-round pick could cost Brian Daboll his job. While one could easily argue Daboll doesn’t deserve this fate, the fact of the matter is that New York’s front office needs a fall guy. If he’s available, don’t be surprised if the Giants fire Daboll just so they can get their hands on a proven winner in Mike Tomlin.

Dallas Cowboys

After another early postseason exit, Jerry Jones brought back Mike McCarthy for another season. However, the team has done next to nothing to improve their roster in 2024, which means Dallas will almost certainly fire the former Packers coach at the end of the season. If the Steelers fire Mike Tomlin, Jones might have to choose between him and eight-time Super Bowl champion Bill Belichick.

Chicago Bears

It is a minor miracle that Matt Eberflus still has a job. After parting ways with Justin Fields, Eberflus now has one of the best quarterback prospects in recent memory running his offense. If this team still can’t win games, they’ll need to fire the former defensive coordiantor and replace him with an established talent like Mike Tomlin.

Main Photo: Tommy Gilligan – USA Today Sports


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