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NFC General Manager Hints At Major Draft Trade

Detroit Lions general manager Brad Holmes is preparing his fanbase for a major trade during the 2024 NFL Draft.
Lions Draft

The 2024 NFL Draft is just days away, and Detroit Lions general manager Brad Holmes is already preparing his fanbase for a major transaction. Since earning the job in 2021, the Florida native has played an instrumental role in turning the Lions from one of the biggest laughing stocks in the league to one of the NFL’s most dangerous and well-balanced roster. As general manager, Holmes helped bring in Jared Goff, Amon-Ra St. Brown, and countless other key contributors to Detroit’s recent run of success.

Now, the general manager is preparing the Lions for another surprising draft class. Last year, the team surprised everyone when they used their two first-round picks on Jahmry Gibbs and Jack Campbell and when they selected Sam LaPorta over Michael Mayer, a player widely believed to be a better prospect at the time. This year, Holmes says there’s a good chance the Lions trade out of the first round.

“That’s something that, we have to do the right thing for the organization,” Holmes said. “If it makes sense and it lines up and it’s the right thing to do…. hopefully our fans will forgive us. We won’t expect immediate forgiveness right then and there, but hopefully when the season starts and that player selected is out there, we can get past that.”

Detroit Lions Could Trade Down In 2024 NFL Draft

The NFL Draft is easily the most exciting part of the offseason, so Holmes is right to apologize to the Lions fans if they all stay up on Day 1 for nothing. However, generally speaking, trading down is the smart thing to do. The draft is an inexact science, and the more picks you have, the more likely you are to hit on your selections.

With that being said, the only way the Lions can trade down is if another team wants to trade up in the draft. Detroit currently holds the 29th overall pick, and several organizations should be interested in leapfrogging a few key organizations for a top prospect.

Possible Trade Partners

Carolina Panthers

The Carolina Panthers need a long-term answer at wide receiver in the worst way. While Diontae Johnson and Adam Thielen are fine short-term options, Carolina should invest in a player capable of growing with Bryce Young over the next decade. With the Ravens, 49ers, and Chiefs all possibly taking wide receivers at the end of the first round, Carolina could leapfrog them all by trading with the Lions in the NFL Draft.

New England Patriots

The Patriots will take a quarterback with the third-overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft. If they want that player to succeed, they’ll need to get a starting-caliber left tackle and wide receiver. Seeing as they currently hold the 34th-overall pick in the NFL Draft, New England could just let the board come to them. However, if they want to ensure they get their guy, they could trade up with the Lions and grab the prospect of their dreams late in the first round of the draft. It’s going to be a long rebuild, but landing two franchise cornerstones could expedite the process.

Los Angeles Chargers

Much like the Patriots, the Chargers need an offensive tackle and a wide receiver. They can address one of these needs with the fifth-overall pick, but they might need to be aggressive to fill the other void. Jim Harbaugh wants to get this team back in the postseason as soon as possible, so don’t be surprised if they trade up with the Lions to try and get the best draft prospects possible.

Kansas City Chiefs

This is the best-case scenario for Lions fans, as they could get an extra draft pick and still select someone in the first round. Kansas City won’t have to give up too much for the right to move up just three spots in the draft, but it would allow them to leapfrog the Ravens and 49ers. Seeing as both teams share similar roster holes, the Chiefs should be interested in moving up to secure their preferred prospects.

Tennessee Titans

The Tennessee Titans unloaded a lot of money in free agency, which shows that they believe in Will Levis. The second-year quarterback has the tools to succeed, and the Titans can move to the back of the first round and add yet another explosive playmaker who can help them keep pace with the high-flying Houston Texans.

Main Photo: Trevor Ruszkowski – USA Today Sports


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