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Staggering Report Suggest AFC Contender Could Release Breakout Receiver

One reporter believes the Kansas City Chiefs should release Rashee Rice following his involvement in the recent car crash.
Rashee Rice Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs have begun their offseason workouts, and they have done so without bringing Rashee Rice into the building. The former second-round pick is currently a virtual attendee as he faces multiple charges stemming from his involvement in a Texas car crash that led to multiple injuries.

As of this posting, head coach Andy Reid has not made a definitive statement as to the future of the wide receiver. The reigning Super Bowl champion said that, at this point, he will let the “law enforcement part take place” and worry about Rashee Rice and his future with the Chiefs after that.

While Reid seems undecided on what to do with Rashee Rice, one Chiefs reporter believes the decision is obvious. According to Toriano Porter of the Kansas City Star, the Chiefs should terminate the contract of their former second-round pick.

One Report Indicates The Chiefs Could Release Rashee Rice

Before we get too far into this, it’s worth noting that Porter’s article is an opinion piece and not a report. If he were running the Chiefs, Rashee Rice would already be off the roster. At no point in his article does he indicate that Reid, Brett Veach, or any other of Kansas City’s decision-makers are close to parting ways with the troubled wideout.

However, even with that disclaimer out of the way, this thought is worth analyzing. Rashee Rice currently faces eight felony counts, and the Chiefs wide receiver could face more in the coming days. As of right now, he has yet to be charged for leaving the scene of an accident, a crime he is unquestionably guilty of.

Rashee Rice is going to be a headache for the Chiefs, the only question is if the team believes his on-field talent justifies the off-field issues. If any team knows that morality doesn’t win football games, it’s the one that employed Tyreek Hill for six seasons. So the question now becomes whether or not Rice’s on-field gifts justify his off-field recklessness.

Will The Chiefs Release Him?

Barring an extended prison sentence (which is still possible), it’s hard to envision the Chiefs releasing Rashee Rice. At the end of the day, this team has invested too much into the SMU product, and he showed too much as a rookie. During his first year in the league, Rice recorded 79 receptions for 938 yards and seven touchdowns while adding another 262 during Kansas City’s four-game run to the Super Bowl. If he wasn’t on the roster, Kansas City probably wouldn’t have made it past the divisional round.

The Chiefs saw this potential in Rashee Rice when they took him in the second round of the 2023 NFL Draft. He’s playing up to that ability, and Kansas City desperately needs wide receivers. If Rice leaves, Marquise Brown will be the only reliable set of hands in the wide receiver room.

Back in 2020, New York Giants kicker Aldrick Rosas got in a hit-and-run and only received a four-game suspension. This isn’t a 1:1 comparison, as Rosas only hit one other car, while Rice’s reckless driving led to a six-car pileup. However, they are similar situations, so there is a precedent to suggest that Rice’s NFL consequences will not be too severe.

In a just world, Rice would face prison time for his involvement in a crash that could have very easily killed innocent people. However, this isn’t a just world, and big-name players often get to avoid the consequences of their actions. Just last year, New England Patriots cornerback Jack Jones brought two loaded handguns into an airport and got off scot-free. A similar situation could happen with Rashee Rice, and the Chiefs wide receiver could be back on the field before long.

Main Photo: Stephen R. Slyvanie – USA Today Sports


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