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All Pro Receiver Makes It Clear He Has No Intention of Leaving Rebuilding Team

During an interview at a football camp in Vegas, Raiders receiver Davante Adams makes it clear he has no intention of leaving Sin City.
Davante Adams Stays

Davante Adams has been in the league since 2014 and has become a Hall of Fame-level talent. Adams has displayed generational abilities over his 10-year career. He spent the first eight seasons in Green Bay with Aaron Rodgers before leaving to reunite with college quarterback Derek Carr in Vegas. Since Adams has arrived in Vegas he has performed but not much has gone right otherwise.

Las Vegas Raiders Receiver Davante Adams Is Staying Put

Derek Carr was out after one season with Davante and then head coach Josh McDaniels was fired in less than two seasons in Vegas. The Raiders have gone 14-20 since Adams’s arrival and the roster looks almost completely different outside of a few key pieces.

With Aaron Rodgers being in New York and looking for receiver help Adams has been mentioned countless times. However, New Raiders General Manager Tom Telesco has made it clear Adams is part of the future plans in Vegas. In a recent interview, Adams made his intentions very clear.

“If I wanted to be gone, I’d be gone by now,” Adams said. “This is where I want to be.”

This is music to the ears of Raider Nation as he has every reason to leave yet he remains loyal to Antonio Pierce and his teammates. 2024 is another chance for Adams to help right the ship and get the Raiders into the playoffs.

Can The Raiders Win Now?

Of course, the Raiders CAN win but that doesn’t mean they will. The offense still has far too many question marks to be considered a contender right now. Quarterback is the biggest question for the Raiders and Adams because he has had a plethora of players passing him the ball. In just two years he’s played with, Derek Carr, Jarrett Stidham, Jimmy Garoppolo, Brian Hoyer, and Aidan O’Connell. This could be a list of the most average quarterbacks in the NFL.

Antonio Pierce plays a major factor in why Adams wants to stay in Vegas during the rebuilding process. Pierce values his players and has introduced a sense of stability to one of the most dysfunctional franchises in the league. Adams is giving Pierce a chance to expedite the rebuilding process.

Adams has been consistently saying and doing the right things. Despite the turmoil, he has maintained his positivity. Currently, Gardner Minshew and Aidan O’Connell are the only quarterbacks on the roster. If the team wants to show Davante that they take him seriously, they should consider trading up in the draft to acquire a franchise-caliber quarterback. Another option would be to trade for a better quarterback if one becomes available during the offseason. It is crucial not to waste another year of Adam’s career, as his value will only diminish with age.

It is truly admirable to see how Davante Adams remains loyal to the Raiders despite the dysfunction. In the current NFL landscape, it is common for elite players to leave their team when things get tough, but Davante stands out as not only an elite player but also an exemplary teammate.

Main Photo: Stephen R. Slyvanie – USA Today Sports


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