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What Will the Raiders do at Quarterback in 2024?

The Las Vegas Raiders have an uncertain quarterback situation as the NFL Draft approaches. Antonio Pierce has to make his first big decision.

The Raiders are in a bizarre spot as they have two solid quarterbacks in their quarterback room but neither has done enough to be the sure-fire starter. Newly acquired Gardner Minshew is definitely in the mix as he is coming off a great season in Indianapolis where he had the Colts on the edge of the playoffs. Aidan O’Connell has garnered praise from the players and coaches in the building but how far can that take him? Neither one of those guys is safe or has the job locked up as the Raiders are in constant rumblings about trading up for a quarterback in this year’s draft. It’s safe to say Tom Telesco and Antonio Pierce have a big decision looming.

The Case for and Against Aidan O’Connell

The Raiders gave O’Connell the starting quarterback role after Jimmy Garoppolo underperformed and Josh McDaniels was fired. Initially, he took some time to adjust to the new role as he relied heavily on the Raiders improved defense in most of the games he started in. However, as the weeks passed by, he began to commit fewer turnovers and score more touchdowns. He started to look more comfortable toward the end of the season and it was very noticeable. O’Connell has arm talent but lacks the accuracy to make any big-time throws. Additionally, he isn’t mobile and looks uneasy when required to use his legs. This might have worked 20 years ago but it won’t fly in the modern-day NFL. Overall, O’Connell demonstrated potential in a challenging situation and did enough to at least compete for the starting job.

The Case for and Against Gardner Minshew

Gardner Minshew has been a polarizing player in the NFL since being drafted by the Jaguars. He is undoubtedly talented, but there are questions about the extent of his abilities. While he consistently puts up impressive statistics each season and wins some games, he struggles to outplay other quarterbacks. Minshew will occasionally make costly errors that hurt his team’s chances of winning. He is never the sole reason for his team’s losses nor is he the sole reason for their wins. Minshew has the work ethic and personality that would fit well with the Antonio Pierce Raiders. He is a determined and hardworking player who always strives to improve. He is unafraid of taking risks and can throw the ball downfield with the best. Given his experience and past accomplishments, he certainly deserves the chance to be the starting quarterback in week one for the silver and black, especially after coming close to leading his team to the playoffs last season.

Minshew Deserves a Starting Job 

The case for and Against Drafting a Quarterback

There has been a lot of speculation about who the Raiders will draft as their next quarterback since the season ended. Jayden Daniels is a popular name among the Raiders’ fans due to his long-standing relationship with Antonio Pierce. If the Raiders can trade up into the top three, it would be a no-brainer to do so. However, no team in the top three seems interested in trading down, which leaves the Raiders to choose from the second tier of quarterbacks. Michael Penix Jr. is the most likely and best fit to be the Raiders’ signal caller. Bo Nix and JJ McCarthy are also in the mix, but they may be gone by pick 13 if the Raiders don’t move up. Gardner Minshew and Aidan O’Connell would bring the upside of having played in the NFL already and understanding the game. However, their downfall is that they have a ceiling and most likely aren’t Super Bowl-winning caliber quarterbacks. If the Raiders fall in love with any of the second-tier quarterbacks, then this is a great chance to get one.

Micahel Penix Jr. Draft Profile

In Conclusion

The Raiders have some serious work to do to fill in the gaps on their roster. If they don’t find any of the second-tier quarterbacks appealing, then it’s best to let Minshew and O’Connell compete in camp. They can use the 13th pick to address other needs and add a quarterback in the later rounds to compete for the job. The best fit for this roster is Jayden Daniels who most likely won’t be available. The coaching staff and front office face a career-defining decision, and whatever decision they make will not be easy.

As the NFL draft approaches, the Raiders must decide their comfort level with their quarterback situation.

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