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Blake Fisher 2024 NFL Draft Profile

Blake Fisher is an exciting prospect with high-end traits who has good power, athleticism, and displays both with tenacity in the run game.
Blake Fisher

Blake Fisher NFL Draft Overview

Position: Offensive Tackle
School: Norte Dame

Height: 6’6

Weight: 310 lbs

Age: 21 years old

Arm: 34 3/8″

Hand: 10″

40 yard Dash: 5.2 seconds

Notre Dame is sending offensive linemen to the NFL draft every year. Only a few schools and NFL teams develop offensive linemen better than the Fighting Irish. Joe Alt gets a lot of attention, but Blake Fisher has tantalizing talent on the opposite side. Fisher was a former four-star recruit out of Avon, Indiana. The former 87th overall recruit committed to Notre Dame. Fisher became a full-time starter during his sophomore year and never looked back. He never missed a start and showed NFL potential. Will the extensive pedigree of Notre Dame help his draft status? Let’s Dig into the film!

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Blake Fisher Player Evaluation

Fisher’s Strengths

  • A thick, burly build with long arms, big hands, and thick thighs, he has had the look of a menacing offensive lineman since high school.
  • He has a good get-off and strike-first mentality when firing off the football. Can get to the second and punish second-level defenders
  • He is a perfect fit for a gap scheme where he can use his power and size on down blocks, base blocks, and double teams.
  • He played at Notre Dame who runs an NFL pro-style offense. Ran pro-style scheme run designs and multiple concepts.
  • Flashes recovery skills and talent to mirror pass rushers
  • Scheme versatility: He can run either a gap or zone scheme. He also has position versatility and talent to help at multiple positions along the offensive line, including guard and tackle.
  • Has two full seasons, 25 starts, at right tackle. 27 starts total throughout his Notre Dame career.

Fisher’s Weakness

  • He has awful technique as a pass protector. He gets by on natural talent at the college level, but if he is not developed, the NFL will swallow him whole.
  • He has good explosives; however, Too often, he’s last out of his stands. With the increased emphasis on defensive linemen getting upfield in the NFL, this will be exploited.
  • He is inconsistent with his technique and hand timing. He is coachable but needs work, as he allows too many rushers to get to his body, which causes him to struggle with BS power.
  • He can get the best off the edge due to a lack of technical skill and late-off snaps, which cause him to overset. He does not have enough feet to recover and often gets beaten inside.
  • It is not a day-one starting tackle at all without a miracle.

Projection: Third Round Pick

NFL Comparison: Tyler Steen

Best Fits: Kanas City Chiefs, Tennessee Titans

Bottom Line

Blake Fisher is an exciting prospect with high-end traits and measurable. Fisher is built at 310 pounds with 34 3/8 length arms and ten-inch hands. He has good power, athleticism, and displays both with tenacity in the run game. He’s very scheme versatile with potential in pass protection. However, Fisher needs serious work with his technique and getting out his stance on time. Fisher’s pro comparison was Tyler Steen, a built big-time talent with technique issues. If drafted to a good organization, Fisher could be a serviceable starter in the NFL.

Main Image: Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports


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