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2024 NFL Draft Scouting Report: Joe Alt

Joe Alt Is Elite Scheme Versatile Left Tackle Prospect with a High Floor & Ceiling.
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Around the NFL offensive line play is at an all-time low. 16 NFL teams have had backup Quarterbacks and even third stringers start this season due to injury to their starting QB.  According to film evaluations of all 32 teams, 15 of those teams have a desperate need for offensive line help.  However, with the incoming offensive line talent in the 2024 NFL Draft, NFL GMs should rejoice as help is on the way. The first line of defense is one of the premier talents in the entire draft Joe Alt.

Joe Alt Scouting Report

Alt’s rise to Stardom first started with the teachings from his Dad. John Alt was a first round pick and pro bowler at offensive tackle for the Kansas City Chiefs.  John’s NFL experience has helped Joe Alt with his technique development and weight gain.

Alt was a 4 star top 200 recruit out of Minneapolis, Minnesota and committed to Notre Dame as a TE/OT Hybrid. At Notre Dame Alt started his last 33 games with 32 being at Left Tackle.  Alt was also named First Team All-American in 2022 and 2023 showing his consistency of greatness.

Standing 6’8 and 315-320 pounds, Alt has a extremely large frame that he can add to in a NFL weight lifting and eating program. Alt gained over 80  pounds between his junior year in High School and Freshman year at Notre Dame.  This shows that Alt is a hard worker and has pure love for the game of football.

Joe Alt Strengths

He has amazing athleticism for the position. Former High School TE experience really comes into play here.  One of the best I have ever seen recently at being super comfortable and confident with his athletic ability. Run or pass, off the line of scrimmage Alt’s pad level is always low and ready to go.  In the run game Alt is good blocking in space as a puller showcasing his control and balance. Alt also reaches to second level defenders with ease in both zone and power run plays. In the screen game, Alt is comfortable in space on screens and always looking for work. Very scheme versatile, can fit on any team in NFL and immediately improve your Oline.

The best part of Alt’s game is his football smarts and fierce play. Alt has a Strike First and finish mentality.  He does not let defensive linemen get comfortable and drives defenders into the ground.  In both pass protection and run game Alt hands shoot out first with good position and solid force. Most importantly his feet is always moving, which definitely helps when Defensive lines perform stunts and twist up front. Often times you will see defenders quitting vs Alt, showing dominance over his competition.  Another show of dominance, plenty of times Alt is seen run blocking on both left and right tackle.  Notre Dame relied on Alt a lot in the run game, and used him on both sides to get favorable matchups.

Where Joe Alt Could Improve

Joe Alt’s anchor is above average.  Too many times Alt is pushed backwards into the pocket going against the Bull Rush. He will be tested at NFL level until he improves as edge rushers always look to collapse the pocket. Although Alt has great footwork, his kick slide in pass pro is also above average. There is a question of if he will be able to keep up with NFL speed edge rushers on a consistent basis. There are times Alt is beat with speed rush, but recovers. However, in the NFL edge rushers are ruthless, faster and more athletic and deeper in pass rush arsenal.

Last Word on Joe Alt

Joe Alt is a Franchise Left Tackle talent with bloodlines to back it up.  With help from his father, Alt has turned himself into a top ten pick with room to grow.  With 33 starts under his belt and a two time All American,  I believe with an offseason in an NFL Weight room and training camp, Alt would NFL ready to start day one and provide good impact for a Tackle needing team. Young offensive lineman, Joe Alt is 20, with Alt’s footwork, hand technique, athletic ability, smarts, pad level, and strike first and finish mentality do not come around often. If Alt improve his strength in his anchor and kick slide speed, he will be a pro bowl Left Tackle.

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