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Predicting Head Coach Hires For Every Team

Seven teams are currently looking to hire a new head coach, and another team could join the search soon. Which coaches will land new jobs?
Head Coach Hires

The regular season is over and eight teams have already fired their head coaches, which means that the hires are going to start coming in before long. The New England Patriots already announced that former linebacker Jerod Mayo will be their next head coach, but the other seven teams are still looking for the right fit. Additionally, depending on what happens on Sunday, a new opening could emerge. Teams have made their interview requests, but let’s pair coaches with teams to see what might happen in the coming weeks.

Predicting Every Head Coach Hire For 2024

Falcons – Bill Belichick

Bill Belichick won six Super Bowls with the New England Patriots, and now the 71-year-old will take his talents to a new team for the first time in a quarter of a century. Belichick might have slowed down a bit, and his inability to find a successor to Tom Brady is a little worrisome, but he can still coach a defense. The Falcons have plenty of talented players, and if they land someone like Kirk Cousins, then this team could find itself back in the postseason picture before long.

Seahawks – Dan Quinn

The Seattle Seahawks moved on from Pete Carroll because they wanted a younger head coach, and Dan Quinn is just a younger version of Carroll. He made it to the Super Bowl when he was Atlanta’s head coach, and he led some strong defenses with the Dallas Cowboys and, of course, Seattle themselves. The front office is very familiar with what Quinn brings to the table, so this head coach hire seems like a no-brainer.

Raiders – Antonio Pierce

Antonio Pierce turned the Raiders season around despite not having a true starting quarterback. With Josh McDaniels out of the building, the team rallied around their interim head coach and almost put together an unexpected playoff run. Pierce knows how to motivate a team and get the best out of his players, and Mark Davis isn’t going to make the same mistake he made back in 2022. The best head coach hire is already in the building, and he’s not going to let Pierce walk away.

Commanders – Ben Johnson

Ben Johnson is one of the best up-and-coming minds in football, so why wouldn’t he want to join a team with the second-overall pick and the most salary cap space in the league? With new ownership, this team should be willing to flex their wallet and show the fanbase that the Dan Snyder Era is truly a thing of the past. So, even if Johnson is asking for a high salary, they should be willing to meet it.

Titans – Bobby Slowik

C.J. Stroud is a phenomenal young quarterback, but he wouldn’t be having this type of season without Bobby Slowik. Houston’s offensive coordinator has put on a master performance this year, using motion to simplify Stroud’s reads and create one of the best offenses in football. The Titans had a front-row seat to the Bobby Slowik Show in their two matchups against him, so they know exactly how good he can be. A first-time head coach can be a risky hire, but he might be the guy to turn Will Levis into a franchise quarterback.

Eagles* – Mike Vrabel

This is a tricky one, as this job technically isn’t open yet. However, if the Eagles go one-and-done against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, then Nick Sirianni could be on the way out. If that happens, Mike Vrabel is the ideal head coach hire. This team is loaded with talent, and Vrabel should salivating at the opportunity to coach that defensive line. Additionally, it’s clear that he disagreed with the A.J. Brown trade, and now he can be reunited with his former playmaker.

Chargers – Jim Harbaugh

The Los Angeles Chargers are done with first-year head coaches and want to go after an experienced name. Jim Harbaugh fits that description, and the Michigan coach should welcome a return to the NFL if it means coaching Justin Herbert. Harbaugh’s over-the-top personality might strike some the wrong way, but his ability to win football games and scheme up offense is more than enough to justify this head coach hire.

Panthers – Eric Bieniemy

Chances are, Eric Bieniemy is not the first choice for the Panthers head coaching job. However, the Panthers are not an attractive destination, so they’ll have to take who they can get. Previously thought to be a product of Andy Reid, Eric Bieniemy spent 2022 with the Washington Commanders to show that he can make it on his own. This proved to be a wise decision, as he got some solid play out of Sam Howell in the first half of the year, while the Chiefs offense struggled without him. If he can do for Young what he did for Howell, then perhaps it’s not too late to salvage the first-overall pick’s career.

Main Photo: Eric Canha – USA Today Sports


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