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JC Latham 2024 NFL Draft Profile

The 2024 NFL Draft is stacked with elite offensive line talent like Alabama's JC Latham. If you want a certified BEAST, Latham is your guy!
JC Latham NFL Draft

Since 2007, no other school has produced more first-round picks (44) than the great Nick Saban at the University of Alabama. Of the 44 first-rounders, nine have been offensive linemen as Alabama loves to dominate the Trenches. The 2024 NFL Draft will add another feather to Saban’s cap as Alabama’s JC Latham is a certified beast.

Ironically, Latham started off as a highly touted defensive end at Waukesha Catholic Memorial High School in Waukesha, Wisconsin. He then transferred to IMG Academy and switched to offensive tackle becoming the number-one tackle prospect and number-five prospect overall in his recruiting class.

Latham became a full-time starter at right tackle his sophomore year at Alabama and was dominant. In fact, in 2023 Latham lived up to the hype dominating the season from start to finish. The junior was a monster in the run game in addition to being very light on his feet for a man his size in pass protection. Not to mention, Latham earned All-SEC and AP second-team All-American honors.

Latham finished his career with 23 starts at right tackle and was Alabama’s most consistent offensive lineman. Offensive linemen are a premium position in the NFL and are the very foundation of every NFL offense. Therefore, expect Latham to be drafted very high. He has very underrated star potential. Let’s dig into the film.

2024 NFL Draft: J.C. Latham Scouting Report

Position: Offensive Tackle
Height: 6’6 (Unofficial)
Weight: 360 (Unofficial)
Age: 20 years old
School: Alabama


  • Mountain-of-a-man build. Well-rounded frame full of muscle. Has thick thighs, calves, and long arms. First-man-off-the-bus physically imposing figure.
  • Explodes off the line in the run game and shocks the defender backward on first contact. Lethal combination of violent power and violent intentions. Routinely puts defenders in the dirt. High IQ in passing off Stunts.
  • Scheme-Versatile. Gap scheme fits him best. Sets the tone moving vertically and is devastating with base and down blocks. Can operate in zone scheme with his ability to fluidly perform reach blocks and seal backside defenders.
  • In pass protection, Latham is a dancing bear. Light on his feet and has an impressive kick-slide pass set for a man his size. Gains good pass set depth and is consistently in good position.
  • Tremendous anchor, swallows power rushers, and has an impressive “Strike First” mentality. Has massive strong hands, and once Latham gets his hands on defenders, has the power to put them in the dirt.


  • Can sometimes look heavy-footed and clunky when operating in space. Whether it’s reaching the second level, pulling, or operating in the screen game, Latham is not always fluid.
  • Although strong in the run game, balance can be an issue. Can be too aggressive dipping his head, causing defenders to cross his face. Quick defensive linemen can beat him to the spot, causing whiff blocks and early penetration
  • Elite defensive line pass rush technicians may give him problems early as Latham sometimes struggles versus counters and well-timed set-up moves.

Projection: Mid First Round Pick

NFL Comparison: Motivated Trent Brown

Best Fits: Arizona Cardinals, New England Patriots, Cincinnati Bengals

Bottom Line

JC Latham is a physical specimen who specializes in dominating the opponent. He has a passion for the game of football plus he comes from an Alabama program that develops good football players. The 2024 draft class is stacked with elite offensive line talent like Joe Alt, Graham Barton, Olumuyiwa Fashanu, and Latham being one of the many reasons why. Furthermore, with his immense size, violent strike-first mentality, bear-like hands, strength, and elite football IQ, Latham is ready for the NFL. He needs to improve his balance in both the run game as well as pass protection. Ultimately, with hard work and NFL coaching, Latham has All-Pro potential.

Main Image: Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports


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