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What Getting The First Overall Pick Means For The Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears Have Clinched The No. 1 Overall Pick. What Are The Implications For The Chicago Bears Heading Into The Offseason?

The Chicago Bears have the first overall pick for the second consecutive year as they head into the offseason. Now it’s up to General Manager Ryan Poles to decide what to do with that pick.

Clinching The First Overall Draft Pick: Crucial Decision-Time

How Having The First Overall Pick Can Go Two Different Ways

No matter what sport, having the first pick is fantastic. However, having the first pick is tricky in the Bears case. Having already forfeited the first pick once, the Bears might be inclined to stick at one and draft a franchise-caliber quarterback like Caleb Williams or Drake Maye. The Bears can benefit from a rookie quarterback contract, providing flexibility to allocate more salary cap towards fortifying other aspects of the roster over the next few years.

On the flip side, Poles previously stated that he would have to be “blown away” to take a quarterback first overall. The fans who want to use the first pick to trade back and obtain more assets like last season might get what they wish for. ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler and Courtney Cronin delved into the complexities of holding the top pick and the decisions surrounding quarterback Justin Fields.

If the Bears were to decide to move on from Fields, they could look to receive a second or third-round pick. However, if the Bears wanted to move back and stay in the top-five pick range, they may garner more in return than they received last season from the Panthers. This shows how much the league values the 2024 quarterback draft class. While compelling arguments exist on both sides of the debate, determining the optimal strategy for utilizing the first pick ultimately rests in Poles’ hands.

Momentum Going Into Next Season

With the Bears gaining momentum heading into the season’s final game, it’ll be hard to take all that momentum away by getting rid of one of the leaders on the team. Safety Jaquan Brisker was asked about his thoughts on hearing the “we want Fields” chants during the game, and he said, “I ain’t going to lie. He is a great guy. He gets better daily, so you can’t let a guy like that slip.”

Bears WR D.J. Moore was also asked about Fields and his future, and he said, “He’s ‘Him.’ I want him to be the quarterback. I said what I said; now it’s on the higher-ups. It’s up to them.” The Bears’ players are professionals, both on and off the field. But if Poles were to get rid of Fields, not only would the momentum halt, but it would also make the guys in the locker room uneasy about their certainty on the team.

The Pressure Is On

Having the first pick is enormous. Poles has pressure to make sure that pick sets the franchise on a path to the Super Bowl. Undoubtedly, he will do his due diligence on the draft prospects and evaluate Fields’ performance throughout his tenure as a Bear. The subsequent months will be critical as the team prepares and carefully considers all the opportunities the first pick might present. The excitement and mystery surrounding the number one choice enhance the sense of uncertainty, making every move in the upcoming months a vital component in the intricate puzzle of the Bears future.

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