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Six Justin Fields Trade Destinations

A change of scenery would make sense for both sides. Where are the best Justin Fields trade destinations this offseason?
Justin Fields Trade

The Chicago Bears currently have the number one and number five pick per Tankathon. While it’s not a foregone conclusion they will move on from Fields, he hasn’t secured his future in Chicago. Two chances at the top 2024 rookies could open the door for a Justin Fields trade, so where could he land?

Six Justin Fields Trade Destinations

Atlanta Falcons

Desmond Ridder isn’t the long-term answer. He might not even be the short-term answer with Taylor Heinicke providing a spark as the backup. With six wins already, they likely won’t be able to pick in the top ten. Fields has the mobility to take Atlanta’s offense to the next level, and can hopefully free Kyle Pitts from fantasy football irrelevance.

Arthur Smith was the mastermind behind the highest-scoring Titans team in years, relying heavily on play action and elite rushing production. Justin Fields has a history of excelling in play action and is one of the league’s best-rushing quarterbacks. It’s a match made in rushing heaven.

Pittsburgh Steelers

Yes, they just took Kenny Pickett in 2022. But thinking back to 2021, Mike Tomlin loved Justin Fields. Pickett hasn’t done anything to show he’s the franchise quarterback in Pittsburgh. Funny enough, Pickett is a year older than Fields despite being in the league a year less. Talents like Fields don’t become available in Pittsburgh’s price range very often and they can’t afford to miss out.

The Steelers moved on from Matt Canada but were already considering benching Kenny Pickett. With a stout defense and even a slightly improved offense, they’d become contenders in the AFC. There’s no denying that Fields has a higher ceiling, and to keep up with Lamar Jackson, Joe Burrow, and the rest of the AFC North the Steelers need some help.

New England Patriots

Add quarterback to the list of Patriots needs this offseason. The laundry list is getting laughably long, and Bill Belichick could be on the outs. If that’s the case, the team could use the extra draft capital to go after Fields. They’re currently the number two overall pick, but if they’re not sold on Drake Maye they could trade for Justin Fields and draft Marvin Harrison Jr. at the two slot instead. For an organization with such a poor history of wide receiver acquisition, a can’t miss prospect might be enticing.

Honorable Mentions

Minnesota Vikings

There’s no way the Bears would send a quarterback to a division rival, but with Kirk Cousins dealing with an injury and no future plans, Fields would be a nice addition to the team.

New Orleans Saints

If the Saints work their way out of the worst cap space in NFL history and find a way to make room, it would be a Christmas miracle. It won’t happen, but adding other teams’ leftover quarterbacks seems to be the Saints plan post-Drew Brees.

New York Jets

This is all dependent on asking price, but Rodgers isn’t a spring chicken and there’s not a real body in the building looking at 2025. Grabbing a talent like Fields on the cheap should at least be considered.

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