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5 Team Fits For Recently Released Pro Bowler

The Arizona Cardinals released tight end Zach Ertz on Thursday, but plenty of teams should be interested in securing his services.
Zach Ertz Teams

Three-time Pro Bowl tight end Zach Ertz is no longer an Arizona Cardinal, but he should have plenty of teams interested in his services. According to former teammate J.J. Watt, Ertz requested a release, as he wants to land with a contender and chase his second Super Bowl ring. This makes plenty of sense, as Ertz just turned 33 and doesn’t want to waste his final years in a rebuild. The present version of the Arizona Cardinals are going nowhere fast, even with Kyler Murray back under center, so Ertz might as well try and go for a ring. Arizona, meanwhile, is doing right by their veteran tight end, and this move also allows Trey McBride to continue his second-year breakout.

After spending the first nine years of his career with the Philadelphia Eagles, Zach Ertz switched teams and joined the Arizona Cardinals midway through the 2021 season. At the time, Philadelphia knew that Dallas Goedert was ready to make the jump to stardom, while the 5-0 Cardinals needed a veteran tight end for what would hopefully be a deep playoff run. Unfortunately, that plan never came to fruition for Arizona. While Ertz held up his end of the bargain, Arizona crashed down the stretch in 2021 before completely imploding in 2022. Ertz might not be the player he once was, but the tight end is still a reliable pass-catching threat who should be able to play a supporting role on several contending rosters.

5 Teams That Could Sign Zach Ertz

Philadelphia Eagles

Why not? Zach Ertz won his first Super Bowl championship with the Eagles, so he might as well come back for Round 2. At 10-1, the Eagles have the top seed in the NFC and have a great shot of earning their second title in franchise history. Jalen Hurts is in the thick of the MVP discussion, there are no real weaknesses on this team, and Ertz should be very familiar with this playbook. Dallas Geodert should be back before long, so Ertz will be second-fiddle, but if any team knows how to get the most out of this tight end duo, it’s the Eagles.

Baltimore Ravens

Mark Andrews is done for the season, which means the Baltimore Ravens need some help at the tight end position. Second-year pro Isaiah Likely has performed well in small samples, but he’s anything but a proven commodity. If the Ravens want a safer player with plenty of postseason experience, they’ll be one of the teams with the most to gain by signing Zach Ertz. Ertz isn’t good enough to completely replace Andrews at this point in his career, but he can be a reliable option over the middle of the field for Lamar Jackson. In a competitive AFC, a player like Ertz might be the difference between a deep postseason run and a quick playoff exit.

Kansas City Chiefs

The Kansas City Chiefs offense is searching for another reliable weapon to pair with Travis Kelce. While Rashee Rice had a massive game in Week 12, a true contender like the Chiefs shouldn’t place too much faith in any one rookie. While the veteran wide receivers have all disappointed, perhaps the Chiefs should place their faith in the tight end position. Two tight end offenses aren’t incredibly common in today’s NFL, but a brilliant offensive mind like Andy Reid should be able to find a way to make it work. If Zach Ertz can be a reliable security blanket in this offense, then the Chiefs will be one of the most dangerous teams down the stretch.

Miami Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins have a phenomenal wide reciever duo in Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle. However, they lack a reliable third option, and they never found a true replacement for Mike Gesicki at tight end. Even at his relatively advanced age, Ertz is better than Gesicki, so they could actually turn tight end from a weakness into a strength for the playoffs. With Hill and Waddle taking the top off the defense, Ertz should have plenty of room to get open underneath and provide Tua Tagovailoa with a reliable set of hands.

Detroit Lions

If Zach Ertz is looking for something familiar, the Detroit Lions might be atop his list of potential teams. While he’s never played for the Lions, their personnel is similar to the late-2010’s Eagles. During his final years with in Philadelphia, Ertz served as a mentor for an incredibly talented young tight end in Dallas Goedert. Fast forward to today and the Lions have a similar young star in Sam LaPorta. The rookie has played remarkably well, but he could use some veteran guidance, especially since this team is poised for a deep playoff run. Detroit doesn’t have too much postseason experience, so adding someone like Ertz into the fold could provide some much-needed leadership.

Main Photo: Joe Rondone – USA Today Sports


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