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Top Cornerback Trade Could Bring New Life in Dallas

The Dallas Cowboys defense needs a Trevon Diggs replacement, and a Patrick Surtain trade could address that glaring need.
Patrick Surtain Trade

Speculations are deafening the league as one of the top cornerbacks, Patrick Surtain II, could potentially bring new life to the Dallas Cowboys defense via trade. Fans are intrigued by the new spark in rumors that are spiraling. Surtain’s father took to social media to express his displeasure about the Denver Broncos. This could only mean one thing later this season, Denver may very well trade Surtain to the Cowboys.

It makes sense for both sides, especially for the Dallas Cowboys still reeling their star cornerback to a season-ending injury. The buzzing and pleading for change from Surtain’s father may persuade Surtain to request a trade. Back in the 2021 NFL Draft, Dallas was close to acquiring Surtain, so it only makes sense for Surtain to come home to bolster the Cowboys’ defense.

Surtain may be the star power that the Dallas Cowboys defense was missing and that spark could come back if the trade happens. It sounds dreamy, but the Broncos just lost historically and embarrassingly to the Dolphins, 70-20. There’s so much Surtain can take as one of the top cornerbacks so it makes sense for his arrival to doomsday defense.

Why the Dallas Cowboys Should Trade For Patrick Surtain

Why A Patrick Surtain Trade Makes Sense

Surtain and Stephon Gilmore do sound like the complete package for Dallas to take with them to the Super Bowl. This addition could bring turbulence to other star receivers in the league. During the 2021 NFL Draft, Dallas was calling Miami four spots to potentially snag a star. However, they ended up selecting Micah Parsons, which is working well.

Surtain’s dad enjoyed the idea of it in 2021 and wanted the Cowboys to reel Surtain in. It fell through, but the Cowboys can still bring the shutdown cornerback to Dallas. It seems like the fingers shouldn’t be pointed at Surtain for the Broncos’ miscues this year. Denver is obviously struggling with discipline and Surtain may want to walk himself out of it.

Pretty much Jerry Jones can do what he wants if he wants to make the risky move. Any team can virtually make the move if the tools are right. Jones did so by snagging Trey Lance in the offseason. “Never say never,” but Dallas may want to rip up the cap blueprint to chase a ring now than never.

Surtain Seals the Deal

A breath fresh of air is indeed a need for Surtain to seal the deal for the Cowboys’ defense. Last season, Surtain finished the season with 51 tackles and two interceptions. Also, he had four interceptions in his rookie year. The Broncos got Surtain for a reason, his skill set and being young sets him apart.

The actual cost to acquire Patrick Surtain could rip the Cowboys apart if the trade goes through. However, it’s a temporary band-aid to the wound when they lost Trevon Diggs. Maybe, Dallas can be persuasive in these types of situations. They could ship off Michael Gallup to Denver, a player who is hardly getting any touches this year with the Cowboys.

Russell Wilson needs another weapon to keep the offense’s production up to speed. So, a first-round pick swap along with Gallup for Surtain II does not seem like a bad deal. The ball is in the huddle in Jerry’s world, he has his moments of making unexpected moves in the past. Surtain is the answer to sealing up the keys to send their ticket to a Super Bowl.

Main Photo: Kirby Lee – USA Today Sports


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