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Why the Cowboys Need to Worry About Their Offense This Season

The Dallas Cowboys need to worry about their offense this season; relying on their defense may not last long so they need make moves now.

The 2023 season for the Dallas Cowboys has been exciting for fans worldwide thanks to the defense that’s once again dominant. However, the offense for the Cowboys has been lagging even though it might have been only week one. There is a concern for the Cowboys’ offense if they can’t step up this season. Despite the dominant opener against the Giants, Dak Prescott only threw for 143 yards and only handed off as much as a touchdown.

It’s something to watch as the season progresses for the Dallas Cowboys.

The weather was an issue for both teams during the game, so that might’ve been the problem. However, if the Cowboys want to make it far to have the momentum in their favor, then the offense needs to intensify. The defense is off to a hot start, so it seems like eventually, the Dallas Cowboys may get comfortable relying on them to make plays. It was the case during the opening night in MetLife Stadium.

Aaron Rodgers is out for the season with an injury sets up the defense to have another potential fun day in week two. The Cowboys need to step up on offense to maintain momentum on their side. The New York Jets’ defense has an elite member, Jordan Whitehead, who is bound to have fun of his own. It might come down to the last minutes of the game, so Prescott and his offense need to be ready for that.

Why the Cowboys Need to Worry About Their Offense This Season

Reliance on Bolstered Defense

There have been enticing story headlines and stories about the Dallas Cowboys defense this week. It puts the offense in the dark about what they can do in the spotlight. The offense did their job at replicating their performance at practice, but the question remains if it’s enough against opponents like the Jets. The Doomsday Defense is in good hands under Dan Quinn, but gas could be running out soon.

It’s crucial for the Cowboys to not rely on their defense for the remaining 2023 season. Injuries and serious ramifications may occur to the Cowboys’ defense and may need the offense to be ready to make plays. This is why the offense must match the production of this defense because soon they could be worn out by playoff time.

The Dallas Cowboys could make a massive trade or sign at offensive tackle where they are thin, but if they were to do it, needs to be now. Under Jerry’s world, anything could happen and no one’s job is safe. The Cowboys could be aggressive at making changes, but they have to do it before it’s too late.

Offensive Line Thinning

The Cowboys are thin at the offensive line position, only having four backups at depth. Tyler Smith missed the season opener and the team relied on Tyron Smith to step up. However, Tyron has had a history of missing critical games and this unfortunately may be the case for this season. The health of this offensive line is highly dependent, because if it fractures then there’s no protection for Prescott.

This only means the lack of production and problems will rise to the offense where Prescott may need to get the ball out early. Even in their run game, Tony Pollard may not be able to do anything behind a ruptured o-line. It would leave the Cowboys in doubt with their offense about getting looks from receivers who may not get the ball in their hands deep down the field.

The Dallas Cowboys may need to get former released Bengal, La’el Collins, back on their offense or another enormous name. For now, eyes have to be peeled for this team to make an immediate move to make replacements if the offensive line does descend.

Stefon Diggs’s Time Coming Soon

Rumors have been circulating since the start of the offseason that the Dallas Cowboys could go through with a massive trade for Stefon Diggs. It seems improbable since he recently signed a new deal with the Bills. If Jerry Jones can find a way to make this happen, then he should lay the hammer now to get him.

The Cowboys’ defense already has a star leader in Micah Parsons, so it would make sense for the team to go get their leader for their offense. The Diggs brothers sound like a sweet deal for the Dallas Cowboys in the future. It may happen if frustrations begin to continue in Buffalo following their heartbreaking season-opening loss against the Jets.

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