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Garbage Time: Cardinals Tanking, Quarterback Shuffle, Whiteout

The Cardinals will open the regular season at Washington but the bigger story is that the franchise is clearly tanking.
Cardinals Tanking

The Cardinals will open the regular season at Washington, come hell or high water. In addition to an Arizona roster of newbies, the bigger story is the Cardinals tanking.

A Closer Look at the Cardinals Tanking and Other Rumblings

Tanking-ˈtæŋ.kɪŋ’ The fact of suddenly failing or becoming less successful or lower in value – Cambridge Dictionary.

For fans who were told early on by new head coach Jonathan Gannon that the team is not rebuilding, he was correct. Instead, they are taking the low road to Los Angeles with the intent of drafting Heisman Trophy winner Caleb Williams. Others who may be considered are quarterback Drake Maye of North Carolina. The worst case is Ohio Statewide receiver Marvin Harrison Jr.

Gannon is playing with fire in his first gig. He has not been honest with the fans, nor is he planning on a competitive team on the field.

The Cardinals are a dumpster fire, and the organization has no interest in putting it out.

Quarterback Shuffle

In a wild week in Glendale, the Cardinals said goodbye to one veteran and hello to another. The thirteen-year veteran from Texas was a fan favorite in Arizona but is now the odd man out. In a surprise move, Colt McCoy was cut as they introduced Joshua Dobbs from Cleveland. Dobbs, who like McCoy, has seen a few NFL zip codes will compete for the starting job alongside rookie Clayton Tune. With the way things have begun to turn in Arizona, it’s entirely likely that Gannon allows a circular firing squad each week. Tune, who has looked like a rookie, has also brought a particular fire and enthusiasm to the Cardinals. Dobbs appears to be your garden variety veteran who may only be having a cup of coffee in Arizona.

Either way, Gannon and Monti Ossenfort inherited a mess they wasted no time in making worse.

Cardinals Go All-White in Minnesota

It was not a home game, but the Cardinals debuted an all-white look that is an absolute fan-pleaser. Arizona had gone with the red uniforms to lukewarm reviews. However, the white-on-white is one color scheme that should not go away anytime soon.

The Cardinals have had some of the lowest-rated duds in the league. But a new design did not help. The combination of all-red or all-black uniforms brought a few positive reviews. However, the bold and dramatic all-white was clean and efficient. The organization would be smart not to make it such a sporadic event, especially if the Cardinals are struggling on the field.

Cardinals Tanking – The Wrap

The. Cardinals will take the show on the road for Week 2 September 20. How the team does is anyone’s guess, but what could be a revolving door at quarterback will be a good watch for fans.

With McCoy gone, veteran leadership is slim to none. Jacobs will now be asked to fill that void along with Hollywood Brown and Budda Baker on defense. Most disappointing is how the season now lands firmly on the shoulders of rookies who have not played an NFL game. It does not matter, as the team on the field at FedEx Stadium will play a team not ready for Prime Time, or for Daytime as it were.

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