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Miami Dolphins May Be Content with Running Backs

Dolphins Running Backs

The Miami Dolphins may be content with the running backs they already have. However, the antics of Dalvin Cook, and the two teams that appear to be vying for his services seem to be continuing, regardless. This writer for one, is over Dalvin Cook at this point and could care less if he signs with the New York Jets. The Miami Dolphins may also feel the same way.

Miami Dolphins May Be Content With Running Backs

Raheem Mostert

Raheem Mostert will likely get the majority of carries this season, as the Dolphins look to be a run-first team, especially as it pertains to maintaining the health of quarterback Tua Tagovailoa.

Jeff Wilson Jr.

Jeff Wilson provides yet another speedy option for the Dolphins. He does not appear to be as durable as Mostert, but a quality and sufficiently skilled number-two running back nonetheless.

Myles Gaskin

The Dolphins already have a proficient catch receiving back on the roster, in Myles Gaskin. One of Cook’s selling points is his past catching ability. While Gaskin may not be as complete of the back as Cook, his past catching ability may be the best of the five backs in Dolphins training camp.

Devon Achane

2023 third-round pick, Devon Achane is already turning heads in training camp. Not to be outdone by Gaskin, Achane also has sufficient hands for pass-catching ability. Additionally. Achane is also a faster back than Gaskin, with a 40-time 0.24 of a second faster than Gaskin.

Salvon Ahmed

Since 2020, Salvon Ahmed has stepped up and has played a significant role in many instances of the Dolphins successes. It will be difficult for the Dolphins to keep five running backs on the active roster. Ahmed is one of the five running backs who is likely cut come the end of the preseason. In the best-case scenario, he is signed to the practice squad.

Free Agents

It would not be surprising to see the Dolphins stay put with the five aforementioned backs they already have. A lot has been made about running backs feeling underappreciated or disrespected. This writer does not recall Emmitt Smith, Adrian Peterson, or Frank Gore, making such claims over their 43 combined years of NFL seasons, played. Either the game has evolved so much that the running back position is not as important as it was, or the aforementioned trio worked harder and were more disciplined to keep themselves in the best shape possible, to prolong their careers; this writer thinks it is the latter of the two scenarios.


The media circus and shenanigans put on by Dalvin Cook (and surely influenced by his agent as a means of leverage), have reached the point of nausea.  Some Dolphins fans are so over it, they could not care less if he signs with the Jets. Additionally, it appears Miami will have at least four backs on the roster that can help the team achieve success in 2023. Despite some big-name free agents aside from Cook, still available, Miami may stand pat.  If those other big-name players do not wind up signing with an NFL team this season, maybe they should talk to Smith, Peterson, and Gore, and find out how they can be accountable for resurrecting the longevity of their NFL careers.

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