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Dominick Puni 2024 NFL Draft Profile

The Most Underrated Guard In The Draft.
Dominick Puni

Dominick Puni NFL Draft Overview

Position: Guard
School: Kansas

Height: 6’5″

Weight: 313 lbs

Age: 24 years old

Arm: 33 3/8″

Hand: 10 1/8″

40 yard Dash: 5.35 seconds

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The Kansas Jayhawks football program is always seen as an afterthought in the eyes of college football fans. Even Jayhawks fans say basketball is way more critical in Kansas than football. However, that doesn’t keep the program from fighting the good fight and putting a good football product on the field. It usually does not work, such as hires like Charlie Weis and Les Miles. However, some coaches have struck gold in Kansas, such as Mark Mangino and Lance Leipold. Leipold transformed Kansas back to relevancy with the help of offensive line prospect, Dominick Puni. 

Puni was a zero-star recruit who went to the University of Central Missouri to play Division II football. He played four seasons at Central Missouri and was awarded all-conference honors in his last season. Dominick then transferred to Kansas and became a stud NFL prospect. He would go on to start every game while at Kansas and earn an All-Big 12 honorable mention. Will his experience earn him a first-round grade? Let’s dig into the film. 

2024 NFL Draft: Dominick Puni Scouting Report

Puni’s Strengths

  • He has a vast, thick, Wide frame and uses it well. It is built with very good play strength and power. 
  • He has good athleticism and arm length to aid in pass protection. He also has a strike-first mentality to make first contact with defenders. 
  • He has a big, 10-inch plus hand size that is heavy enough to jolt a defender. This allows him to get a good grip on defenders, displace them, sustain them, and create lanes for runners. 
  • An above-average to good run-blocker who knows how to finish defenders in the ground, he is tailored for a gap scheme. He also takes good angles on the move and is quick enough to squash defenders on pulls, climbs, and screens.
  • High football IQ and recognizes stunts and twists. He takes angles well and plays with reasonable post-snap anticipation. 
  • Has good footwork and a broad, strong base in pass protection. Can mirror pass rushers and ride them past the set point. 
  • He runs feet and plays hard.

Puni’s Weakness

  • He has limited athleticism and range, so he cannot easily get to his set points and protect the outside against NFL edge rushers. 
  • His less-than-average arm length for a tackle will lead to a new position in the NFL. He had trouble with his short arms in college and let defenders get in his chest.
  • He needs to play with better pad level and leverage. Can let defenders slip off blocks and fail to sustain defenders. 
  • He needs to improve his hand placement and footwork consistency to reach his potential in the NFL. 

Projection: Second Round Pick

NFL Comparison: Jamaree Salyer

Best Fits: Dallas Cowboys and the Arizona Cardinals.

Bottom Line

Dominick Puni is a highly skilled and versatile guard who can also play center. His physical attributes and technical prowess make him a valuable asset for any team, and there is little doubt that he will be picked early on in the draft. His impressive performances and ability to adapt to different positions make him a player worth watching out for. Overall, Dominick Puni is a promising talent with a bright future ahead of him in the NFL.
Main Image: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports


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